You may have watched Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel traveling the world and trying some of the most unique foods that he can find, and if you haven’t, you should be. The man has a stomach of steel. While eating bugs sounds bizarre to us, it’s enjoyed by a handful of others in different parts of the world.

Our very own members of Spoon WFU have tested their own “foodiness” through their travels, and even in their very own hometowns.

Olivia Wolff

Olivia is possibly our most experienced member in the world of bizarre foods. She has eaten duck brain and duck heart in New Jersey (of all places), durian and chicken intestines in Thailand, and moose, elk, and bear jerky, and guinea pig in Peru. Of all the things she’s tried, she says that durian was by far the worst. Durian is a very smelly fruit from Southeast Asia.


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Megan Rivenburg

Kangaroo burgers as well as kangaroo jerky are common staples in Australia according to Megan. She daringly tried some while studying abroad down under. Somewhat surprisingly, locals actually encourage eating kangaroo burgers, Megan says.


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Madeline Leadem

Madeline unknowingly ate kangaroo stew while in South Africa. She mistook it for beef and although she admits it was tasty, she has no plans to ever eat it again.


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Regan Wagner

During an Italian Sunday brunch after church, Regan was coerced into trying the cow tongue on the menu. Though the Italians thought it acted like it the greatest thing since sliced focaccia, Regan didn’t particularly enjoy it.


Photo by Isabelle Chu

Kellen Datta

Kellen developed her taste for bizarre food at a young age. After devouring chicken feet at a young age, she was destined to try jellyfish in Chinatown, NYC. She describes it as an unsettling jelly-like texture with a firm middle, similar to a noodle.


Photo by @entoeats

Sarah Corley

Instead of traveling to a different country to try bizarre food, Sarah’s friends did it in their own backyard. As part of a dare, her friends decided to eat cicadas, which just so happen to be both low-carb and gluten-free. Sounds like a future health craze to me.


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Andrew Mathieux

While in Japan at a convayer-belt sushi bar, Andrea was down to try pretty much anything. She had both raw sea urchin and squid, but couldn’t bring herself to finish either. The sea urchin had a bitter, salty taste and the raw squid was reportedly almost impossible to bite through.


Photo by @hungrydinosaurs


While maybe not everyone’s experience was the most pleasant, at least they broadened their horizons… I guess. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?