Everyone has different choices and different tastes, but there are some foods that are loved by almost everyone. I'm not just saying "everyone" because there are exceptions too and I respect them. Honestly. So here comes the Biryani, the dish loved by "almost" everyone.

If you don't know about Biryani or only have a slight idea about it, I would like to tell you that Biryani is much more than just a blend of rice, spices and meat for me. It should be prepared with lots of love and be eaten with the utmost concentration to savor every mouthful. Biryani has different varieties too, most of them named after the place where they originated. When you have Mughlai, Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, Afghani, Malabari and so on, how can you get bored of Biryani?

When I get home after a tiring day and I notice the smell of Biryani coming out of the kitchen, I literally feel the love in the air. After having a plate full of Biryani, I feel so relaxed. It's more addictive than any drug. I think those who have tasted it, should agree with me. The more you have Biryani, the more you crave it.

So, why do we never get bored of Biryani?

First of all, if you really love a dish or cuisine and you never get bored of it, it means it's super delicious. Don't you agree? Every time you have it, your stomach feels full but your heart wants more.

One day, you could have Mughlai, and then have Hyderabadi on the other. There are so many types of Biryani that by the time you try the last one on the list, you will be eager to have the first one again. There are varieties in veg and non-veg. There are also varieties of meat too; you can also have Chicken Biryani or Beef Biryani or Prawn Biryani

The aroma of rice cooked with meat flavored with spices and condiments appeals to my tastebuds. It cheers me up. Biryani never disappoints me, which is why I always include it in my list of comfort foods.

You can have Biryani with Coke in summer or with coffee in the rainy season. Biryani is an all-time, all seasons food. Have it as an entrée in lunch or dinner or start your day with it and a cup of tea. It always tastes so good.

When I go to a wedding or party, I look for Biryani in the buffet. It makes my mood light after attending tiresome functions. And if at the party I don't know anyone, Biryani is the one thing I can rely upon. 

It's not like I eat Biryani every day or 2-3 times a day. Having the same food is so boring; but there are those food too in which your heart lies. Biryani can become your go-to meal option every day or just a delight to your palate. Try it for yourself. I know you won't be disappointed after that. Go to a restaurant that serves the best Biryani. It can be your muse or just a dish. It is up to you and your taste buds.