Birthdays take the cake (get it?) for the best day of the year. For an entire day you’re showered with presents, warm wishes and most importantly, food.

Ann Arbor’s eateries clearly agree with the sentiment. Many of our favorite hot spots and hang outs actually provide discounts and free food for the birthday guy/gal. I’ve narrowed down the many deals to give you the best of the best.

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Angelos: 50% off a second entre (i.e. go with a friend, your’s is free)

Starbucks: Free drink (with a rewards card)

Afternoon Delight: Free dessert (read: muffins and brownies for days) with additional purchase

Zingerman’s Deli: 15% discount on all products purchased at the Deli or Next Door

Zingerman’s Creamery: Free 2 oz. of gelato or 4 oz. of cheese with the purchase of anything in the shop (what if I don’t want to choose??)

Ben and Jerry’s: Free ice cream cone

Grizzly Peak & Jolly Pumpkin: Free dessert plus $10 gift card (good for one month) with the purchase of an entre

Gratzi, Chop House, Palio, Gandy Dancer: Free meal (!)

Seva: Free entrée

Good Time Charley’s and Bar Louie: Free shot on your 21st birthday. And, for those of us who are turning the dreadful 22…

The Brown Jug: Gives a free shot to all legal birthday babes

Cupcake Station: I saved the best for last—free mini cupcake.  Nomz.

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So if you’re looking to go out, birthday-style, without blowing up your wallet, it turns out A2 has got your back!  If only I knew about these deals sooner, I could have saved myself some cash, or at least have had a legitimate excuse for stuffing myself with mini cupcakes. Either way, when March 10th rolls around, you’ll know where to find me…