It was late one night freshman year. My now-roommates and I were sprawled in the fourth floor hallway of Alumni Court South. A box of baked goods, shipped straight from my mother’s kitchen with every fathomable combination of sugar, flour, chocolate, peanut butter and s’mores possible sat in the middle of our circle. Needless to say, our mouths couldn’t keep up with the lightning pace of our fingers. It was like we were indigenous barbarians, circling up for feast time. Were we ashamed? Hardly.

Perhaps it was the melted chocolate that managed to be smeared on my forehead, or MK’s near-need to perform the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge a wedged M&M, or the mere fact Kate’s fingernails appeared brown from the fudge underneath them, that in a synchronized moment, we exchanged wide-eyed “Oh, shit,” glances. A fit of uncontrollable laughter, paralyzing food comas and plans for tomorrow’s overambitious cardio sets followed as we concurrently, mindlessly scrolled our Instagram feeds. 

MK’s suggestive scoff forced Kate and I to raise our droopy chocolate-chins from our phones; “Oh my god, this looks SO good, but the photo of my 2 AM Pugsley’s on Friday puts this to shame.” MK raised her phone to reveal a photo of a piece of pizza, glistening with grease and cheesy delight that had just been posted by one of our favorite New York City Foodstagrams. (Obviously we follow every NYC food feed that exists, because a real New Yorker prioritizes food, right? How trendy of us. Shoot, we’re totally THOSE girls.) We continued to compare our catalogued photos of food to those that Instagram boasted, realizing that catalogued food photos seemed to simply rule supreme. (We were totally THOSE girls that insisted upon food photos before it was cool..)

My slight alliteration obsession (English major, sorry!) finally landed us a name, after many pitiful suggestions: @PermanentlyHangry, @HeathensnHoes, @AteThatLikeAnAnimal. And BOOM, just like that @GluttonousGals was born: “Fordham Foodies on a Mission.”

So yes, we are 100% THOSE girls that scold themselves when our iPhone camera flash goes off in a 5-star Midtown steakhouse as we try to craft the perfect angle to capture our sirloins. We are those girls that are probably shoveling Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey down our throats at 11:45 PM after a day of salads and “nut handfuls.” We are those girls that plan their days around their next meal, preferably the most Instagram-able one.

In closing, let me introduce myself as the voice of the GluttonousGals. Taylor. Sophomore. Native Washingtonian, the District, that is. Dancer. Two parts Drama Queen, one part satirical. Long walks on the beach are only complete with a melting Kohr’s Bros.

Each week I’ll be chronicling the food adventures I find myself in, because living with two fellow foodies usually rears “adventure.”

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…Even the Fordham Cafeteria somehow has come to qualify as “adventure,” there is never a dull moment. ‘Til next week.

Stay gluttonous, stay hungry….I sure will.


Tay, @GluttonousGals