With classes wrapping up and winter break in sight, it's almost time to snuggle up with your favorite snacks and start all of those shows everyone's been recommending while you've been busy studying. To add some flavor to your list, binge watch these food shows, which appeal to all different kinds of viewers. 

Buzzfeed's "Worth It"

Average Runtime: 10-20 minutes

If you're looking for some new restaurants in your area, trying to find the best of a particular food item, or just want a break from rewatching Victorious, Buzzfeed's Youtube series, "Worth It," is definitely worth a watch. In this show, Buzzfeed's own Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj pick a specific food and find the best restaurants in their area at three different price points to see which is most worth it at its price. While the series originally focused on Los Angeles-based restaurants, its rapid growth in popularity has allowed the team to travel from coast-to-coast and even internationally. 

This series is particularly nice to binge watch because each episode is short and sweet. First, you get a quick background of each of the restaurants, allowing you to see the people that put their sweat and tears into making these amazing dishes. Then, there's the food. With three different price points, it's very interesting to see all of the different variations of some iconic foods, with no shortage of close-ups that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. To top it off, both the hosts and the cast of people behind the cameras have infectious personalities that leave you with a smile on your face after every episode.

Bon Appétit's "Gourmet Makes"

Average Runtime: 30-40 minutes

If you're interested in the science of what is behind your favorite American snacks, or you just like to binge watch fun cooking videos, this series is for you. Pastry chef Claire Saffitz of Bon Appétit tries to make gourmet versions of various candies and snacks purely from her chef instincts (and the occasional Google search).

Like "Worth It," you'll come for the food but stay for the lovable personalities. Claire and her chef colleagues at Bon Appétit are infinitely entertaining as they take you through each attempt at constructing seemingly impossible-to-recreate foods such as Pop Rocks. Over the course of each video, Claire does a great job of laying out why she believes each attempt failed and the different changes she implements to fix it. It's fascinating to listen to how different ingredients and proportions drastically change dishes. However, by the end, she always pulls through to give a gourmet version of a great variety of treats.

Netflix's Chef's Table

Average Runtime: 45-50 minutes

Finally, if you like to binge watch documentaries and are looking for more in-depth looks at what it takes to be a chef, Netflix's Chef's Table does not disappoint. Each episode highlights the chefs of some of the best restaurants in the world, sharing their personal stories and thinking behind their most elaborate dishes.

This series especially reveals the artistry and passion behind cooking. Each episode is an uplifting, inspiring tale of how these chefs have honed their craft to reach the top of their respected industry. You can't help but feel moved hearing and seeing the unique struggles of each chef. Getting to take a look behind the food reminds you of the great hospitality and care that is taken by chefs in the restaurant business to give patrons the best experience possible.

Ranging from light-hearted food banter to serious discussions about becoming a chef, binge watch these food shows to satisfy all of your digital hunger. But, remember to study for those finals before you dig in!