There has been a ton of buzz surrounding this year’s Academy Awards and its nominees for Best Picture, from their controversial lack of diversity to the uncontroversial beauty of their casts (heeey, Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch. Winky face).

No matter your stance on these issues, the Oscars are a terrific excuse for staying in to “get cultured” by marathoning every single nominee by Sunday, February 22. We’ve made it easy for you to binge-eat while you binge-watch by rounding up the perfect recipes to pair with each of this year’s Best Pictures. Consider it a feast, both literally and like, artistically, you know?

American SniperSriracha Bacon Cheeseburger


Photo by Kirby Barth

Bradley Cooper had to eat 8,000 calories a day to prep for his role as U.S. Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. So show your support. This recipe, which combines three of American cuisine’s biggest feats into a single burger masterpiece, should set you on that oh-so-patriotic path to obesity. Combine it with an ice-cold brewski, and you’ll be chanting “U-S-A” all night.

BirdmanCrockpot Chicken Chili


Photo by Analiese Trimber

This film tells the story of a washed-up Broadway actor who is haunted by the voice of one of his past characters, a superhero that goes by the name “Birdman.” As my mother would say, the guy’s a straight-up “crackpot,” so naturally I assume his kitchen gadget of choice would be a crockpot. And, of course, this chili involving everyone’s favorite bird fit the theme and satisfies your hunger, killing two birds (ha) with one stone. For dessert, try these Bird’s Nest pretzel bitesIn case you didn’t get that, the theme here is birds.

BoyhoodPeanut Butter & Jelly Panini


Photo by Tarika Narain

Boyhood tracks the journey of one boy through childhood and into adulthood. It’s chock full of those neighborhood bike rides, pop culture references (hey, Soulja Boy), and unfortunate fashion choices we’re way too familiar with from our own youthful days. To get the full nostalgic experience, make sure you have this slightly more mature version of the classic childhood staple, the PB&J, in hand. And wash it down with homemade chocolate milk, or as I like to call it, “kid fuel.”

Grand Budapest HotelMolten Chocolate Cake


Photo by Helena Lin

Everyone raves about director Wes Anderson’s unique style and vision. Personally, I’m a huge fan of his eye for food porn, demonstrated in the mouthwatering scene involving courtesan au chocolat. For those of us who ain’t got the time or patience for that, never fear: this gooey creation will satisfy the violent yearning for chocolate that will inevitably arise after watching this movie. Pair it with this lemon sorbet bubbly to get the ultimate five-star European hotel experience.

The Imitation Game: Poached Eggs


Photo by Amanda Shulman

Don’t even try to tell me you didn’t see this one coming. Personalize this microwaveable poached eggs recipe to whip up an eggs BENEDICT. Then, If you want to commit to the pun (go big or go home), make this cuCUMBER tomato salad and finish it off with a BATCH of never-stale cookies that will last as long as it takes for the Turing machine to churn out its answer. Then, make out with your meal, because by the transitive property of puns you’re basically making out with Benedict Cumberbatch.

SelmaSweet Potato Bacon Mac ‘N’ Cheese


Photo by Kelda Baljon

Despite the the inspirational and revolutionary strides Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to make in the fight for racial equality, he remained relatable and down-to-earth in everything, like his preference for Southern comfort food. Appropriately, this twist on a comfort food staple, which includes King’s favorite sweet potato, is almost as revolutionary as MLK himself. End the meal with another of King’s favorites: a gooey pecan pie you’ll have a dream about.

The Theory of EverythingBlueberry, Oatmeal and Flaxseed Muffins


Photo by Lauren Feld

Despite losing his motor capabilities, Stephen Hawking’s mind remained as sharp as ever. This biopic inspires you to take better care of your brain (and possibly even to go do that physics problem set you’ve been putting off lol, nope). These muffins contain blueberries, which improve memory (and keep your skin as beautiful as Eddie Redmayne’s), and flaxseed, which prevents cognitive decline. Pair it with red wine, which has been proven to improve brain function, and both your brain and the black hole that is your stomach (gotta love physics humor!) will thank you.



Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Whiplash is about a young jazz drummer who struggles to succeed at a rigorous music conservatory school. The film features quite a few famous pieces by jazz musicians, like Duke Ellington and Hank Levy (talk about getting cultured). So, while you watch and listen, let your taste buds transport you to the birthplace of jazz itself with this classic New Orleans dish. And maybe celebrate a belated Mardi Gras with this New Orleans Hurricane cocktail.

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