When I heard about Bill Nye's new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves the World, I was beyond excited—especially when I found out that Alton Brown will be guest-starring in an episode. Our favorite Good Eats host has a quirky style and a love for science that has earned him a title as the Bill Nye of food, so it only makes sense that he and our favorite science guy would eventually cross paths. Here's everything you need to know as you get hype for this eccentric duo's television debut

The Show

Bill Nye's new show airs this Friday, April 21 (read: Bill Nye would never miss an opportunity to release his show just before Earth Day), and it's expected to cover a full range of topics including GMOs, sex, and global warming. Guest stars to get amped about include Karlie Kloss, Derek Muller, Emily Calandrelli, Nazeem Hussain, and of course Alton Brown. I might be biased from growing up watching Alton's shows, but I'm definitely most excited for his featured episode. 

In the Netflix preview, Alton claims to be making primordial soup—a solution "to create new life." At the end of the short clip, Bill Nye and Alton hold beakers and wooden spoons, throwing their heads back with laughter together (aka basically all of our dreams come true). I can predict that this episode will combine the classic style of our childhood idol Bill Nye with Alton's approach to his latest claim to fame, the Eat Your Science tour.

The Friendship

Alton Brown and Bill Nye are the ultimate dream team. The pair appears to have bonded since Alton Brown posted this picture on Twitter in 2015—an adorable selfie with a caption calling Bill Nye his hero. Alton clearly holds a great amount of respect for Bill as he humbly claimed, "I'm not the Bill Nye of food. He is way smarter and has more bow ties than I do." If that's not the beginning of a beautiful friendship, I don't know what is.

When to Watch

Tell all of your friends that Bill Nye is back, and he's bringing Alton with him. Whether or not Alton Brown truly is the Bill Nye of food, you'll definitely want to watch this duo in action to decide for yourself. Grab some snacks and a friend, and get ready to chill with Bill and Alton in the name of science, this Friday, April 21.