Listen, we are all smart young adults. But sometimes, when you just really want to get down ‘n dirty in the kitchen, a book kinda kills the mood. YouTube is there to save you when you want to procrastinate, so why shouldn’t it be able to save your boredom in the kitchen?

Here are some of the best cooking and drinking channels on the interwebs.

You Deserve a Drink

Mamrie Hart is a queen. She’s actually a bartender, so girl knows her shit, and she’s funny as hell to boot. If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I’d check out my personal favorite video of hers with Willam Belli. If you want to learn to make anything more than drinking a beer you opened yourself, Mamrie has got your back.

My Drunk Kitchen

We all try to cook when we’re drunk and 9 times outta 10, it’s the worst decision we could make. Hannah Hart (actually not biologically related to the other Hart, Mamrie), cooks when she’s drunk and it’s ALWAYS the best decision ever. Her videos are quirky, funny, filled with yummy food tips, and she gives out life advice like candy on Halloween.

You Suck at Cooking

We all need a little bit of tough love at times, and we all suck a little bit at cooking. If you need a leg up on how NOT to suck at cooking, check out this channel. The channel trailer alone had me rolling on the ground laughing.

Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube

Everyone has an opinion on Jamie Oliver. Some people swear by him, some people refuse to pay attention to him. I personally don’t care either way, but I will say that he knows his way around a kitchen and around his YouTube Channel. If you want to learn Italian food from an Italian chef or how to make the best salad, Jamie’s like the Khan Academy for food.

One Pot Chef

Sometimes it’s just easier to throw shit in a pot together and make it cook together until it’s perfect. That’s why Jesus gave us casseroles. One Pot Chef takes it a step further and teaches you how to make anything and everything in Just. One. Pot.

Hilah Cooking

I’m pretty sure Hilah is short for hilarious, ’cause she’s someone I’d wanna hang out with. She knows how to cook pretty much everything and she’s not boring when she teaches you how to make it. If you want to learn something simple, or you’re looking for something specific, she feels ya. I’m a big fan of her Tex-Mex and Mexican food playlist, ’cause sometimes you just need the world’s perfect taco.