Whether you’re 21 years old and still wake up on Easter Sunday to find the basket full of goodies left by the “Easter Bunny” or you’re just planning a binge fest on all the half-priced candy the day after, this guide will make sure you don’t get stuck spitting out a licorice Jelly Belly and can instead fuel your impending sugar coma with the best pastel-colored, egg-shaped chocolate Easter has to offer.

Like any commercial holiday, Easter means every candy company under the sun is offering a limited-time version of your favorite treat (a.k.a the same exact candy you eat every other day, just in an aggressively festive wrapper). We took it upon ourselves to make the ultimate sacrifice: taste testing and ranking (from worst to best) the most famous Easter candies. Your dentist can thank us.

The Worst: Jelly Bellies

Jelly Beans

Photo by Marissa Sherman

While the endless flavor combination experiments may keep you entertained while you wait for your grandma to finish making her famous deviled eggs, it sadly doesn’t redeem this over-priced classic. The jelly beans always get stuck in your teeth and you have a much higher chance of grabbing a buttered popcorn than the anticipated blueberry.

Somewhat Disappointing: Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs

Mini Whopper eggs

Photo by Marissa Sherman

These crunchy mini eggs are coated in beautiful pastels with splattered colors and are the perfect size for casually popping into your mouth every time you need a sugar fix. Yet be careful you don’t end up eating a piece of the plastic grass lining your Easter basket as these little guys notoriously get poured straight into the bottom.

Just okay: Cadbury Cream Eggs

Cadbury eggs

Photo by Marissa Sherman

Probably the most traditional and well know Easter candy, the Cadbury Cream Egg represents all things Easter: chocolate, cream filling and, of course, eggs. Just remember this rule of thumb: never try to eat in one bite and don’t leave these out in the sun…they WILL ooze everywhere and leave your fingers sticky until June.

Getting there: Lindt Gold Bunny


Photo courtesy of wordmarket.com

Almost as valuable as real gold, Lindt Gold Bunnies are the grand prize of the Easter basket. These delicious creatures are rarely shared and are always savored. The smooth milk chocolate is a welcome relief from all the pinks, blues and yellows of other candies. Word to the wise: don’t be fooled by their hollow insides, you will feel sick and saddened at them being gone too soon if you eat them in one sitting.

Tasty treat: Cadbury Mini Eggs


Photo courtesy of greylustergirl.com

These crunchy mini eggs are like the Mini Robin Egg’s more mature older sister. Their taste is more refined than the aggressively crunchy and malted flavor of the Robin Eggs and their pure chocolate center helps cut through your Easter Brunch of bunny gummies and jelly beans.

The Best: Reese’s Eggs

Reese's Egg Opened

Photo by Marissa Sherman

While they my be no different than a regular peanut butter cup, are you even surprised? The creamy peanut butter cocooned in a light layer of chocolate, shaped into an egg that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand is what Easter dreams are made of. And remember, it is recommended to eat one egg a day to stay heart healthy (well maybe not this type of egg).

Reese's Eggs copy

Photo by Marissa Sherman