Don’t let your last few meals go to waste! Use them by Thursday and stock up on some essentials that will save you a trip to the grocery store.

Locations to hit up, in order:



Photo by Keni Lin

The C-Store’s selection varies week-to-week but I’ve seen all kinds of treats ranging from late night munchies to healthy snacks. Last week, I spent $10 in meal swipes on one container of blackberries but it was #worthit when I had something to top my daily oatmeal the next morning

Chocolate, Salted Caramel (personal fave), Coconut,and more. Stock up.Hidden gem: Talenti Gelato at the C-store. They have a wide range of flavors. I’ve seen Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Dark

(Also, if you don’t know about the C-store… smh)



Photo by Daniel Schuleman

Hit up the Bistro and use at east 2 meal swipes on the Exhibition section for either a customizable pasta bar, steak, chicken, or go healthy with a piece of salmon or shrimp.

Pro tip: Use Tapingo at least 30 minutes before you actually want to eat.

If you haven’t gotten your fill of ice cream The Bistro will also satisfy your taste buds with its wide selection of Ben and Jerry’s. They stock pints on pints in flavors ranging from Phish Food to Brownie Bomb, Chocolate Therapy, Cinnabun, Cookies n’ Cream and more.


Photo by Becky Hughe

Pro tip: grab soup cups and spoons for an easy-cleanup DIY ice cream night.



Photo by Alex Furuya

You have a 9:25am class—are you really going to make it through the Mather omelet line? Probably not. Stock up on Luna bars, KIND bars, Kashi, and any of your other favorite breakfast bars at the Cave. These make for a quick and easy breakfast as you run down Long Walk at 9:23am.

While you’re at the Cave grab some mixers for the weekend: Gatorade, soda, coconut water–if you’re into that, and pick from their array of Tropicana fruit juices. Come the weekend, you’ll be stocked and ready to go.


Photo by Sammie Ho

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen on campus, the Cave also stocks some basic cooking essentials. You can get a half dozen carton of eggs, a gallon of milk, or condiments like mayo, ketchup, or my favorite—Siracha.


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Pro tip: If you have 8 meals left on Wednesday… I’d recommend going and spending some of these meals before Thursday even comes to avoid getting stuck with a picked over ice cream selection.

If you’re really desperate to spend some meals buy a case of water bottles at Mather for $19 worth of meal swipes.