Easter might be a couple weeks past, but I know you are still staring at the remaining holiday candy in your pantry. The candy that you aren’t super excited to eat, so it will probably just sit there and rot away for months to come. We all know what candy in particular we are talking about. The worst of the worst – Peeps. I mean c’mon, who even likes those things. Yes, they are cute and colorful, but these are one of the few foods that I will actually voluntarily throw away. However in 2021, and especially during Earth week, we are being sustainable and reducing our food waste. So here are 5 fun things to do with your leftover Peeps.


I have never had a bad s’more. I truly don’t think it is possible. So, to say that replacing your traditional marshmallow with a Peeps still tastes good, means that is the perfect way for you to get rid of your leftovers. Something about the colored sugar on the marshmallows changing colors when it caramelizes is so mesmerizing. Be sure to mash it between your favorite type of graham crackers and chocolate. Hershey’s are the go-to s’more chocolate but I vote a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

Rice Krispie Treats

This snack is by far one of the best, most classic childhood snacks. I might be in my 20’s now, but I am still a huge fan of this marshmallowy treat. Using Peeps instead of regular melted down marshmallows adds such a fun pop of color. Chances are you probably have Rice Krispies cereal in your pantry, butter in your refrigerator, and tons of Peeps in the cabinet. Just what you need to make an easy afternoon snack!


There are two main approaches you could take for this. A smore’s type of shake with crushed graham crackers and chocolate chunks mixed in with Peeps. Or you could make it into a plain Peep Milkshake by mixing the basic milkshake ingredients with extra Peeps. A splash of vanilla could be a tasty addition too! If you love marshmallow cream mixed with ice cream, I could see this being the shake for you.

Hot Chocolate/Coffee

Yes, it’s spring but I don’t think there is ever an inappropriate time for hot chocolate or hot coffee. Pieces of Peeps to float on top of your beverage of choice add a fun pop of color and extra sweet flavor as it melts away.

Pancake Topping

A stack of pancakes topped with Peeps looks so fun and festive! Perfect colors for spring. You could arrange them to make a playful scene, tear them into pieces to evenly disperse them amongst the cakes, or melt them down and drizzle the marshmallow sauce over top. Still a lovely pair with maple syrup, fruit, or chocolate for an extra sweet start to your day.

The Trash Can

I know, I know. I HATE throwing away food, and this is exactly what we are trying to overcome with this article. But sometimes, certain items just do not deserve to take up space in the cabinet when something so much better could be there instead. The Easter holiday is over and your grandma, mom, girlfriend, uncle, or whoever gifted you this dreaded candy is not going to know that you didn’t enjoy your holiday gift if you don’t tell them that you threw them away. I really do not enjoy admitting it, but Peeps belong in the trashcan. Save a calorie or two, a cavity, and the risk of gagging when you bite. It’s time to throw them away.