One of the best times of the year is Halloween, when it’s  finally considered socially acceptable to binge on candy (and in public for that matter). Yet in a world where not all candy is created equal, some spooktacular treats will go unnoticed on this holiday.

Candy corn is often put down for its waxy texture and almost too sweet flavor, which causes consumers to put down the bag after only a few kernels. I too share this sentiment, but because I am a huge fan of candy corn, I set out to find some alternative ways to use candy corn while its still on the shelves.


Photo by Viola Spahiu

As a Garnish:

In its original state, candy corn has quite a few ways in which it can be presented. From circling a plate of desserts to chopped and sprinkled atop a brownie or cake, candy corn can take any dessert and turn it into a Halloween masterpiece with a touch of color.


Photo by Viola Spahiu

As a Glaze/Syrup:

Made almost entirely of sugar, candy corn can be easily melted down to create simple syrup (just combine 1 cup water and 1 cup candy corn in any saucepan over medium-low heat). As opposed to other syrups and glazes, the candy corn version will deliver a neon orange liquid that can be drizzled on a plate or poured over a dessert to add a much-needed sickly element to your best gory goods.


Photo by Viola Spahiu


Photo by Viola Spahiu


Photo by Viola Spahiu

As a Mixer with Alcohol:

Crafting the perfect beverage to serve to friends at a Halloween party can be difficult. Especially when you need to entertain while trying to take drinks to another level with fall flavors, colors and effects. By simply adding your melted candy corn to your favorite drink, you’ll be able to add a sweet element to counteract the alcohol and you’ll achieve a color perfect for your favorite Halloween potion. This simple syrup recipe and drink concoction is absolutely bewitching.

For a holiday that’s all about the presentation—from costumes to decorations to food, there’s no reason you can’t throw the best bash among your friends by transforming candy corn from a stuck-in-your-teeth nuisance to the star of the dessert table. Anyone can put out a bowl of these waxy kernels on a table, but now only you’ll be the one to revive your inner child in that grown-up Halloween punch you’re serving, or as a glaze on some supernaturally scary sweets.

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