When you think about college football, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is tailgating. It's something that some schools thrive off of. It's a way to get fans, students, and alumni pumped up for the game. If you're looking to check something off the bucket list, I suggest going to any one of these tailgates. You'll be blown away by how much goes into these besides the food and the alcohol.

1. The University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

I may be a little biased, but Ole Miss is home to the best tailgating in the country. Year after year, The Grove makes USA Today's list of the best tailgating in the country. Before each home game, fans transform the famous Grove to a tailgating hub. Tents go up the night before racked with food, drinks, TV's, chairs, and chandeliers.

Another thing that takes Ole Miss tailgating up another level is The Grove attire: dresses and heels for girls, and suits for guys. To top it all off, when the football team arrives on campus, they walk through the "Walk of Champions" sign that goes through The Grove as fans line each side of the path. It's a life-changing experience that will have you shouting "Hotty Toddy" before kickoff.  

2. Louisiana State University 

The LSU Tigers take their tailgating very seriously in Death Valley. They come early to claim their spot and stay late to tailgate for their beloved football team. They wear the purple and gold proudly and eat and drink all day. If you want seafood and football, be sure to head down to Baton Rouge, they know how to make it good. 

3. University of Alabama 

Ask anyone where they will be on game days in Tuscaloosa and they'll say The Quad. Located right by Bryant Denny Stadium, this spacious area has sides for families and students who are looking for a fun time. You can find food vendors on the east side of it. The Quad opens the night before the game and is first come, first serve. Just like the football team being one of the best in the country, their tailgating is too.

4. University of Southern California 

Most times when people think of big tailgating they think of the SEC, but this Pacific-12 school beats out some SEC schools with their tailgating. Fans fill The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after their tailgating to see their Trojans play. 

5. Penn State 

Regardless of rain, shine, or snow, Penn State fans will be found at the tailgate. With almost 100,000 people tailgating in Nittanyville, there is no doubt that it's something you don't want to miss. One of their game day food musts is Penn State Stickies. It's a sticky bun laced in caramelized sugar. 

6. University of Michigan 

These Wolverines love their football and tailgating. If you're in Ann Arbor during football season, you have to catch a game and experience their tailgating. It's full of of Blue and Maize. The party here starts at 7 am on game day and goes until kick off. 

7. University of Florida

The Gators take their tailgating to a new level. The Swamp is filled on game day with fans as far as you can see. With tents set up and RVs parked, they get ready for Gator football and make some pretty delicious southern food to go along with it.  

8. University of Tennessee

Now, if you think you have a cool tailgating tradition, Tennessee's will make it look lame. They take theirs to the water. During game days in Knoxville, the "Vol Dock" rolls up. People dock their boats on the Tennessee River and sing "Rocky Top." Now, that's a tailgate.

9. University of South Carolina 

The other USC! The Gamecocks most prized game day feature is a 22 rail-bound caboose. Inside, there are marble countertops and hardwood floors. They call it "Crockaboose Railroad." Before you go searching on how to get one, you might want to hold up. The last caboose was sold for $300,000—but, I mean we all can dream, right? 

10. The Ohio State University 

Last but not least, The Ohio State University makes its spot on this list. Some fans show up as early as 3 am (that's determination) that morning to show their support for the Buckeyes. They come bearing flat screen tv's, grills, tents, RVs, and corn hole. They have areas for tailgating just for students too.

Did your school or favorite team make the list? Now, all this talk about tailgating makes me wish it was football season now!