The University of Central Florida has so many options for delicious sushi rolls. Each of the restaurants is so diverse; they range from being a sit down place with a trendy environment, to a quick meal location to grab some sushi with friends and hit the road.

1. Sushi Pop

Did someone say sushi?

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Sushi Pop is definitely a sushi-lover’s favorite! The scene of the restaurant almost as beautiful as the sushi rolls with it’s cool lighting and white couches. They’re known for having unique rolls, like their coconut shrimp roll or the low rider: shrimp tempura with avocado, chipotle lime sauce, chives, cilantro, and sun-dried tomato. It’s #amazing.

The appetizers are also limitless. Ranging from truffle edamame to buffalo rock shrimp, you won’t want to leave here without taking a great quality picture for your Instagram.

2. Sus-Hi

Sus-Hi is another great restaurant for sushi at a very reasonable price, which is great for college students who are craving sushi but are on the classic “college-budget.” Sus-hi uses the same concept as Chipotle but in sushi form with the option of either a roll, sushi burrito, or bowl.

Once you get up to the bar, the “ninjas” are there to take your order. The employees are very enthusiastic and ready to make your meal speedy without compromising taste. The hardest part is deciding what you want inside! You get to pick three proteins, with unlimited toppings and sauces.

3. Fujiyama

Fuji provides customers with amazing sushi and great staff. The Happy Hour menu brings so many college students in because rolls can be as cheap as $2. Although the rolls on the Happy Hour menu are limited, they really accommodate to most individuals’ orders. The specialty rolls are so unique and mouth watering.

Some popular specialty rolls are the monster roll and the piña colada Roll. The monster roll has of shrimp tempura, avocado and cream cheese, topped with tempura krab meat, eel Sauce, spicy mayo and honey. The piña colada roll consists of shrimp tempura, crab salad, cream cheese and fresh pineapple, topped with tuna and shrimp, drizzled with eel sauce & coconut flakes.