Looking for a great place to satisfy your sushi craving? Austin is home to some of the best food around, and sushi is a must in this city. The closest ocean is 4,000 miles away, but these sushi restaurants will make you feel like it's right down the road. Whether you're looking for miso soup or nigiri, here is a list of the top ten places to get sushi in Austin.


This sushi place is home to the famous sake mac and cheese. I was skeptical to try it initially, but now it's my favorite thing on the menu. Pair the mac and cheese with high quality fresh fish for a perfect sushi meal. 


Uchi is known for their trendy, sophisticated vibe and its tendency to combine unique ingredients to create vibrant dishes. Although the restaurant is a little pricey, it's the perfect place to go to on date night with that special someone. 


A meal at Kome will leave you incredibly satisfied, and their delicious sushi is a favorite among Austinites. Start your meal off with their waffle fries and honey wasabi aioli — it will blow your mind. 

Piranha Killer Sushi

Just like the name, this sushi place is killer good. With both creative and traditional rolls, you will enjoy some of the best bites of sushi in all of ATX.

Sushi Junai

All-you-can-eat sushi for a reasonable price? Count me in! This sushi restaurant has amazing selection of sushi for a set price. Make sure to stuff yourself with as much sushi as you can to get the bang for your buck. 

RA Sushi

This sushi restaurant is off the chain. The fish is always super fresh, and the happy hour deals are perfect when going out. Make sure to stop by during happy hour.

Bar Chi Sushi

Bar Chi Sushi has a Las Vegas-like atmosphere, with sushi rolls that have fun names and great service from the waiters. Make sure to come to Bar Chi hungry, because you'll leave very satisfied. 

DK Sushi

DK sushi has classic rolls that have a fun Japanese flair. This restaurant also happens to be a market for other sushi restaurants. Looking for some fresh fish? This is the place to be. 


Kuneho has a great happy hour menu that features a variety of drinks and rolls. The sushi is small, but packed with many flavors. This place is definitely one to check out for a great time with friends.

Next time you're in the mood for some fresh fish, make sure to check out one of the incredible sushi places listed above to satisfy your cravings.