As September comes to an end, many classes are starting to double down which means more reading, tests, and essays. With all of this work, it is the perfect time to send your loved ones a care package. In college, one of the most useful things to be sent is snacks, especially when you're up late working on various projects and assignments. Read below to see some of the best snacks to include in a care package! 

1. Garrett Popcorn Shops

Garret Popcorn, a Chicago tradition, is a wonderful thing to include in a care package. Not only is it delicious, easy to eat, and a great study snack, but they also have a wide range of flavors that are sure to catch the eye of your college student! 

2. Granola or Protein Bars

Since college students are constantly on the go, up late working, and busy enough to occasionally skip important meals such as breakfast, granola or protein bars are a great addition to any care package. As they are easy to eat, often somewhat healthy, and can be virtually any flavor imaginable, they are a great addition to any college students diet.

3. Candy and/or Chocolate

Candy and/or chocolate is a great snack to include in a care package. They can be bought practically anywhere and it is easy to customize your package by buying whatever your college student's favorite type of candy and/or chocolate is. They are great for a late night pick-me-up or an in-between-meals-snack.  

4. Hometown Favorites

If your college student has any hometown favorite, such as a special baked good from their favorite mom and pop bakery, etc., including it in your care package is a great way to send a little bit of home to college. If your student is homesick, or just misses their favorite home food, they will be extremely excited to get it in their package. 

5. Microwave Popcorn

Or any other easy, microwavable snacks. Since dorms often do not have stoves, toasters, or other kitchen appliances (with the exception of microwaves), be sure to send your college student foods that can be prepared in the microwave. Some suggestions include popcorn (a great movie snack!), oatmeal or soup (both quick, easy, and perfect for colder days), and mug dessert treats.

6. Helpful tips!

Some helpful tips to keep in mind: don't send anything perishable as mail can take a long time to be sorted and picked up and college students don't always have the space or place to keep expirable foods, drinks such as seltzers, juices, or waters are easy to include and a necessity, add some seasonal gifts to make the package more fun (such as pumpkins in the fall, spooky packaging near Halloween, or pink themed foods around Valentine's day).