Whether it's the beginning of the semester or finals week, procrastination is inevitable. I'm here to help your procrastination reach its full potential. For all intents and purposes of this guide, I'll assume that you're studying in the library. Here are the best snacks to eat on LMU's campus based on your desired level of procrastination.

Level: 1

If you're on level 1, you're either a freshman, premed, or a teacher's pet. Regardless, that means you should probably pack your own snacks for the library ahead of time. You can take a nice trail mix break at your seat when you need your rookie-procrastinator fix. 

Level: 2

Level 2s might be right up against a deadline and, despite their time restraints, will need to breathe for a minute. Your best bet is to go to the Starbucks right inside Hannon Library and get something pre-made like a bottled frappuccino or a refresher and a protein box. 

Level: 3

If you're on level 3 you're less stressed than level 2s, but there's still not a lot of time to spare. You have two relatively equal options here: either head over to the the Lion's Den for one of their ridiculously good and substantial pumpkin muffins, or the coffee cart outside of Seaver for a blended boba. The walks are equidistance from the library and will help to clear your mind and refresh your soul.

Pro Top: If you go to the Den right before closing around 11:40 they give away the rest of the day's pastries for free. One time I saw a guy walk in with a cardboard box and fill it with what had to be a dozen muffins. People like box-boy mean business, so try and get there a little early if you want the good stuff. 

Level: 4

Level 4s are the typical mid-semester student. Work has to get done, but nothing is really that pressing. Located on the bottom floor all the way at the end of UHall, Roski's is about a 10 minute walk from the library (if you take time to appreciate the scenery). 

Once you're there, you can either fully commit to your procrastination and opt for a made-to-order pasta dish, or, if the longish walk was all you wanted, you can quickly hit the parfait bar for some fruit to fuel you for the rest of your study sesh. 

Level: 5

Congratulations, if you made it to level 5 that means you're a second semester senior. You've trained for this, it's your time to shine.

Make sure it's the middle of a weekday and wait until five minutes after a class period ends. Then, go to the library Starbucks, the line will be 15-20 people deep and they will definitely be understaffed. When you finally get to the register, order anything that can be heated up: a spinach feta wrap, multiple orders of Bantam Bagel bites, even a chocolate croissant. Make sure you order a drink that's takes some TLC to make, maybe something off the fabled "secret menu" (but don't be an asshole about it to your barista). 

All that's left will be finding an empty table, sitting down, pulling out your phone, and catching up on social media until your name is called. This entire process has taken me up to 40 minutes to execute, but I don't expect you to have that type of success for your first time.

Good luck out there to everyone and remember: to procrastinate is human.