Here at Santa Clara, we like to take advantage of the year-round perfect pool weather that has earned us the nickname “Claradise.” And while we may be putting our swimsuit bods at risk, who can resist snacking on a lazy spring quarter day?

Unfortunately, our campus pool has a strict no snacks policy (idiots), so here’s your game plan for sneaky snacks that you can eat without getting caught (probably).

1. Frozen Grapes


Photo by Lisa Gong

Delicious and refreshing, these bad boys won’t leave you fingers sticky or stained like some other frozen fruit can. Also once frozen they are basically smush proof so you don’t have to worry about accidentally packing them at the bottom of your pool bag.

2. Cheez-Its


Photo by Elizabeth Kim

Cheez-Its are a classic. They are all I ever wanted to eat at the pool when I was a wee lass, and they are all I want to eat now. Unlike some other orange snacks Cheez-Its won’t leave your fingers coated with a telltale snack dust that will get you caught by any mean-spirited life guard.

3. Trail Mix


Photo by Tiare Brown

Simple and filling, trail mix is a good snack anywhere any time, and the pool is no exception.

4. Sliced Cucumbers


Photo by Lynden Orr

Cucumbers are reminiscent of summer, and they remind me of going to a spa. So eating these at the pool is basically like being at the spa right? Plus, they’ll keep you nice and cool as you soak up some rays.

5. Almonds


Photo by Davana Bolton

These nutritious nuggets will fill you up, and they are so easy to sneak into the pool (trust me).

6. Sugar Snap Peas


Photo by Tori Robertson

When sugar snap peas are in season, which is coming soon, they barely even taste like a vegetable. In addition to being one of the best tasting vegetables, they are quiet to eat. I mean you would hate to ruin your Saturday afternoon because of some noisy carrot sticks right?

7. Mochi


Photo by Gabby Phi

These delicious balls of ice cream come pre-wrapped in a delightful mochi coating, making it possible to do the unthinkable – eating ice cream with your hands. They are also bite sized and portable, making them an ideal sweet treat to sneak into the pool. Just make sure to eat them quickly…

8. Tater Tots


Photo by Kailla Coomes

If Napolean Dynamite can sneak tots into class you can sneak tots into the pool. Plus don’t potatoes make every activity better?

9. Donut Holes


Photo courtesy of Food52

Unlike their bigger, bulkier cousin, donut holes can be eaten in one bite. Their small size makes them an ideal snack to pop in your mouth when the lifeguard has their back turned. For an extra scandalous snack, try making tequila donut holes.

10. Pringles


Photo by Meredith Marcus

Pringles are probably one of the sneakiest chips because of their low crunch factor, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. One ill-attempted duck bill (you know what I’m talking about) and your afternoon at the pool could be ruined. Pro tip: put the Pringles into a different bag or container before bringing it to the pool because that can is noisy and impossible to extract chips from.

11. Your Mom’s Chest Hair


GIF courtesy of

Because Mean Girls jokes are still funny.