If you’re anything like me, you can’t go two days in a row eating the same food. Virginia Tech is all about diversity when it comes to student demographics; it should be the same for our diet. Here are my favorite “unknown” dishes of VT dining halls that are sure to excite your palette and broaden your horizons:

Pizza Hut: Supreme Sub

Virginia Tech

Photo by Kevin Dang

Most Hokies, including myself, stop by Hokie Grill for a quick pick-up pizza or some Chick-Fil-A nugs, but this hurry causes us all to overlook perhaps Hokie Grill’s best bite to eat, the Pizza Hut Supreme Sub.

Saying this sandwich is worth the wait would be the understatement of the year. It is, in essence, a subway spicy Italian (salami, pepperoni, cheese, and Italian dressing), but basically 1 million times better because it’s on your meal plan.

Major upgrade. No “real” money involved. So if you ever have time to spare, this sandwich is definitely worth the brief 5-10 minute wait.

D2: Roast Beef and Swiss

Virginia Tech

Photo by Josh Renaud

D2 is normally everyone’s last resort unless you’re really hungry and want unlimited (yet mediocre) food. Rest assured though Hokies, there’s hope. Get a made to order sandwich (I recommend the grilled roast beef, swiss, and egg) and you’ll be indulging in one of Tech’s sneakiest delights.

Granted the picture above is a bit classier of a version, but quantity + quality is always the best choice. It honestly rivals any steak and cheese I’ve ever gotten at Subway, and who doesn’t love unlimited Subway? Now, instead of groaning when your buddy in the middle of bulking season insists on carbing up at D2, you can at least munch on something tasty.

If the flavor alone doesn’t convince you to get the sandwich, field studies show that it does not induce the dreaded “D2 Dash.” So make sure you’re enjoying the simple things in life and go out and get one of these ASAP.

Qdoba: Gumbo

Virginia Tech

Photo courtesy of Fast Food Geek


Really anyone who’s anyone at this school goes to Qdoba for the burritos, chips and queso, or the occasional quesadilla, but try not being basic for once and you’ll find yourself one of VT’s best kept secrets.This isn’t your deep south, Louisiana type of gumbo. This is Mexican gumbo.

Tired of your burrito bowl being dry? Get the gumbo and I guarantee you’ll never go back. Liven up your everyday, made-to-order bowl with a savory tortilla soup and you have every aspect of a perfect meal: appetizer, main course, side, all in one bite. Pro Tip: a bag of chips to dip into the gumbo is 100% worth the extra dollar or so.

1872 Fire Grill: Chicken and Dumplings

Virginia Tech

Photo courtesy of relish.com

Everyone and their mother (my mother literally does know) knows about Fire Grill’s chicken and waffles, and for good reason; they certainly are one of Tech’s greatest dining choices. However, go to Fire Grill just two days prior (Wednesdays) and you’ll be getting one of the best stick to your ribs, comfort foods that Tech offers.

Close your eyes and envision a deconstructed chicken pot pie. That is what you’ll be sinking your teeth into. If the thought of tender dumplings smothered in a savory chicken gravy, shredded chicken, and veggies isn’t already making your mouth water, then the outrageous bowl sized portion might.

This meal is so good and filling that you don’t even need to order a side. I just saved you a whopping 70 cents on your meal plan. You’re welcome. We’re all sick of the long lines on Fridays at Turner, so do yourself a favor. Start going on Wednesdays for a much shorter line, and an arguably better, cheaper meal.

Au Bon Pain: Salmon Wasabi Bagel

Virginia Tech

Photo by Kevin Dang

I’m taking a HUGE risk revealing this hidden gem to y’all, because the express line runs out of salmon way too quickly. This sandwich without question my favorite bite to eat on Tech’s campus, but I’m a man of the people, and you have the right to know.

It truly is an absolute no-brainer between the short lines (wait is 10 minutes at most), ridiculously low price (around $2.50 on the meal plan), and the bold flavors.

It all starts with your choice of bagel smothered in an herb cream cheese, stacked on a mountain of delicious smoked salmon and drizzled with a sweet and spicy wasabi sauce that is sure to wake your senses up. Add some cucumber for a cooling crunch, and you have the perfect bite in every sense of the word.

If nothing else appealed to you on this list, I seriously urge you to go out and try this. It is Virginia Tech’s best bite. You won’t regret it.

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