With finals coming up, students are going to be swamped with work and studying, and they will have little time to get a good meal. Luckily, New Orleans is a food city with many options off-campus that students can take advantage of. Here is a list of the best takeout near Tulane!

Satsuma Maple

Jake Fishman

Satsuma Maple is one of my favorite places for breakfast and lunch. It is easy to order food at the counter and it is relatively quick when ordering on the go, making it one of the best takeout places near Tulane. It is also the type of place where you can sit at a table and get schoolwork done.

At Satsuma Maple, my favorite menu items are the chocolate chip pancakes, avocado toast, and the green eggs and ham (except I substitute turkey for ham). It's truly some of the best takeout near Tulane. 

Hours: 7:30AM-3PM Everyday

Apps: Uber Eats

Pizza Domenica

Pizza Domenica has some of the best pizza close to campus and it's easy to order off of Uber Eats or Doordash. Above is a picture from when I ordered pizza last semester during finals week and it was delicious making it one of the best takeout places near Tulane!

Hours: 12-9PM Sat & Sun, 3-9PM Wed-Fri

Apps: Uber Eats

St. James Cheese Company

Jake Fishman

St. James Cheese Company is one of my favorite places to go for a sandwich and mac and cheese! The mac and cheese and sandwiches are amazing since they are masters at implementing the cheese into their food. It's a nice walk/run if going there and if not, they are on Uber Eats.

Hours: 11AM-4PM Sun, 11AM-6PM Mon-Wed, 11AM-7PM Thurs-Sat

Apps: Uber Eats

Humble Bagels

Humble Bagel is the best place to get that bacon, egg, and cheese you are craving. They are open Thursday to Sunday and are a quick and easy 15-minute walk on Freret Street. They offer a wide variety of homemade bagel flavors and options to top your bagel. My go-to order? Turkey bacon, egg, and cheddar on a sesame bagel. 

Hours: 7AM-1PM Thurs-Sun

French Truck Coffee

French Truck is a quick and easy place to get coffee and food, notably pastries. It is probably around a 20-minute walk and it is well worth it. Finding a friend with a car helps too. Any coffee you get here is great and the babka muffin and the pesto chicken sandwich are also a few of my favorites from here.

Hours: 6:30AM-6PM Mon-Fri, 7:30AM-6PM Sat & Sun

Stein's Market and Deli

Stein's Market and Deli is not as close to Tulane as the other restaurants on the list but it is worth the journey. It is just a streetcar ride away and offers many deli options as well as bagels. My go-to menu item is the turkey pesto.

Hours: 9AM-5PM Sat & Sun, 8AM-5PM Tue-Fri

Apps: Doordash

Luca Eats

Jake Fishman

Luca Eats is a sandwich shop with lots of options and is very close to campus which makes it easy to grab food on the go. Pictured above is the upper crust grilled cheese with tomato soup, the perfect grilled cheese tomato soup pairing! 

Hours: 8:30AM-2PM Everyday

Apps: Uber Eats

Ba Chi Canteen

Ba Chi is conveniently very close to campus and offers many different Vietnamese options. My favorite dish to order is the yaki udon with chicken (pictured above). They also are very popular for their wide variety of bacos (bao tacos). You can call to pick up takeout or order it using Uber Eats!

Hours: 11AM-2:30PM Everyday but Sunday, 5:30PM-8:45PM Mon-Wed, 5:30PM-9:45PM Thurs-Sat, Closed Sundays

Apps: Uber Eats

Dat Dog

Jake Fishman

Just a short walk away from campus, Dat Dog offers a unique set of the best hot dogs you will ever eat. They have all different types of meats to put into a hot dog bun with any amount of toppings you want, including an alligator dog! My favorite things to get are the chicken dog and the chicken fingers with fries.

Hours: 11AM-9PM Sun-Thurs, 11AM-10PM Fri & Sat

Apps: Doordash

Fresco Cafe and Pizzeria

Jake Fishman

Fresco is delicious and convenient. Tulane Students can spend their NOLA bucks on an assortment of pasta, pizzas, and salads. This amazing food is easy to get and they are open late at night! My favorite: pesto pasta with grilled chicken.

Hours: 11AM-12:45AM Everyday

Apps: Uber Eats, Grubhub, Doordash

Let us know what you think the best takeout near Tulane is!