I don’t know about you, but it has always been my autumn cottage core dream to serve up a comforting soup, layered casserole, or gorgeous roast chicken in a fancy pumpkin-shaped pot. They make any dish instantly look autumnal and really set the tone for the season. Unfortunately, I don’t quite have the money for fancy cookware. So, instead we’re going to browse the internet and fantasize about owning glorious gourd-shaped cookware. But not all pumpkin pots are created equal, so I’m going to commit myself to the hard-hitting journalism and rank pumpkin-shaped pots by cuteness. You’re welcome, America.

5. Le Creuset Pumpkin Casserole

Photo by Le Creuset

Coming in last is this pot from pale blue gourd. It is just boring. Did they even try? Go girl, give us nothing. It’s by Le Creuset, probably the most renowned maker of high quality cookware. The top is cute, sure, but I need that energy extended to the rest of it please. It’s $125, but I say no thanks. The color is cute, but not as autumn-y as I would like.

4. Yorlary Pumpkin Pressure Cooker

Photo by Amazon

Next up is this pot from Yorlary. I was going to name it but if you look in the Amazon page…it’s a bit of a mouthful. It’s a bit cuter than the one in 5th place, but it’s actually kind of gaudy, in my opinion. It’s trying too hard, both in appearance and the amount of bells and whistles it’s got on it as seen in this TikTok. It brings the opposite energy as Le Crueset where the bottom has the right shape but the top is a bit off for me. Points for practically, I guess.

3. Thyme and Table Stoneware Soup Tureen

Photo by Walmart

This next pot is the Thyme and Table Stoneware Soup Tureen. So yeah, Amanda Albrecht on TikTok used a tureen as a pot. I looked it up and I guess it’s okay to do. It actually being a tureen explains the complete lack of handles on this thing, which is extremely impractical. I like the white color and golden stem, but I can’t get past the lack of handles. Could be better, in my opinion. This puppy sells in Walmart at $19.96, so not a bad deal.

2. Staub Enameled Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte

Photo by Williams Sonoma

In second place we have the Staub Enameled Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte. This one is very cute and even has a bit of realism to it, too! It’s shiny and a proper autumn color with a nice golden stem at the top. It looks very vintage and high quality, which is good considering it’s $225.95 on Williams Sonoma. One TikTok user put it best when they commented on this video featuring the pot, “I would give up a kidney for this!!” You might have to, considering the price. But still very cute!

1. World Market Round Ceramic Casserole

Photo by World Market

Coming in at number one is this World Market casserole dish I love white pumpkins, and that love translates to pumpkin pots as well. Coming in strong again with the golden stem and  perfect little pumpkin curves, this pot is simple and stylized. This beauty sells on World Market for $34.99. It would look perfect sitting on my stovetop btw and a nice bubbling soup inside. I would take a ladle and pour you some.