The dead of winter seems just like the perfect time to reminisce about all of the amazing places to get ice cream in the Twin Cities.  But as any born and raised Minnesotan knows, the cold isn't stopping anyone from hitting up these local favorite creameries.  There is seriously never a wrong time for ice cream whether it be 100 degrees outside or -10.  From classic to instagram-worthy, the Twin Cities really has it all, any day of the year.  

Sebastian Joes

There is no way around it, Sebastian Joes is a Minneapolis ice cream institution serving up a rotation of homemade unique flavors.  The family owned shop claims to have pioneered quality ice cream in the Twins Cities when they opened over 30 years ago.  Favorite flavors include the infamous Nicollet Avenue Pothole (chucks of chocolate and caramel candies mixed in chocolate ice cream), pumpkin pie, Oreo (absolutely to die-for), and banana cream pie.  They recently unveiled a couple of vegan flavors, so everyone can now enjoy some of the best ice cream in the Twin Cities.  

Milk Jam Creamery

My personal favorite, Milk Jam made a splash when it opened a few summers ago because of their unique flavors and ingredients.  The dairy-free vegan "Black" ice cream is probably the purest chocolate ice cream you've ever tasted while their namesake flavor, Milk Jam, is made with 3 different kinds of animal milk, sweetened condensed milk and spices.  Don't miss the boozy flavors of champagne and IPA too (also vegan)!  Any flavor from the amazing rotating menu can be ordered in a Jam Bun which is an ice cream sandwich made with a scoop put in between a sliced warm donut.  The result is a contrasting hot/cold oozing mess that is simply beautiful and perfect for the 'gram (I'm not kidding).  

Izzy's Ice Cream

Located right in Downtown Minneapolis, Izzy's is another classic spot for good old fashion ice cream.  They are known for their Izzy scoop which is a mini additional scoop that customers get on top of their order in any flavor they choose (what a deal!).  Fun flavors include the festive candy cane and eggnog flavors which are sure to cheer you up during these long cold winter months.  But they always change-  Izzy's has over 170 different flavors!  Good luck trying to choose between Dark Chocolate Zin, Cabernet de L'Orange and Banana Nut Fudge.  

 MN'ice Cream

Addie Christianson

Every Minnesotan, and I mean everyone, had a MN'ice cream cone gracing their instagrams this past summer.  This popular Northeast Minneapolis shop is changing the ice cream game.  They started with a food truck which still makes stops around the Twin Cities, but have recently opened a brick and mortar shop.  They serve just soft serve (super creamy perfect soft serve!) in only a couple of flavors, but the real fun comes in customizing your toppings which range from eatable sparkles to gummy worms and fresh fruit.  Imagine, eatable sparkles!  The creations aren't only beautiful, but delicious!