So you've just awkwardly introduced yourself to your coworkers at your new internship, have gotten lost in the subway for the first time, and have been barked at by a stranger for walking too slow on the street. You might be missing your room at home, which is as big as your entire apartment now. You're probably craving comfort food from your parents' house.

Luckily, you've come to the best city to find delicious and quick bites, which will help with the pains of adjusting. New York City can be a scary place, but with the right lunch spot, you, too, can get get used to "The Big Apple".  

If you're looking for:

1. Mexican: Dos Toros Taqueria

Even if you're a Chipotle fan (like myself), once you realize that Dos Toros offers quesadillas and a wider variety of smokey and spicy sauces to try on your lunch, you're going to regret the days you wasted wondering exactly what "sofritas" was. Don't forget to make room on your plate for Dos Toros' cheaper guacamole add-on!

2. Mediterranean: CAVA

One of your healthier lunch options in New York, CAVA has a similar execution to Chipotle or Dos Toros. You pick your main, add some sauces, a few toppings, and leave. The catch? Here you have the awesome options like lamb, falafel, and plenty of other savory and creamy flavors that go great with a side of pita. 

3. Sushi: Wasabi Sushi & Bento

It's a miracle— sushi chains have come to New York! You can now grab practically any combination of rolls, nigiri, hand rolls, and even teriyaki bowls to take back to the office for lunch. They also serve several different types of platters (pictured above), with soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger all included! 

4. Pizza: Joe's Pizza

Had enough with the healthy food? Don't waste your time on a $1 slice, when you can have the best for slightly more. The endless amounts of cheese will last you your entire lunch break, and the wall of celebrity pictures at the Union Square location is all you need to see to know what you're in for.

5. Quinoa: Eatsa

I know you're probably wondering, "Since when is quinoa its own type of restaurant?" Honestly, it really wasn't, until Eatsa opened in 2015 and customers were introduced to the wonders of a robot-run restaurant. They offer several different types of quinoa bowls, including vegetarian, burrito, and bento, and you don't have to talk to an employee even once! Definitely recommended for a quiet lunch break.

6. Stir Fry: Wok to Walk

Satisfy your Asian takeout cravings with this fast wok stir fry restaurant. Again, Wok to Walk gives us a menu as easy as Chipotle or CAVA, but of course, with noodle and rice options for your base instead of burritos or pita. This is definitely your lunch spot if you're looking for Asian food healthier than most NYC Chinese take-out restaurants, and it won't leave you in a food coma.

7. Sandwiches: Num Pang Sandwich Shop

Now, this is not your typical deli lunch. At Num Pang (the Cambodian word for sandwich), a crunchy bread engulfs "cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro and chili mayo" with choices of chicken, pork, shrimp, tofu and more. Each sandwich has its own authentic Southeast-Asian flavor— you won't be able to return to Subway after trying Num Pang. 

Happy lunching!