Washington University in St. Louis is widely known for spoiling its students. With everything from TempurPedic beds to beautiful landscaping and architecture, we, Wash U students, have a lot to be proud of. Nothing compares, however, to our most prized title of best on-campus food in the country. 

As a Wash U student, when out-of-town friends visit campus, it can feel overwhelming to plan a weekend that makes them love this school as much as you do—but in terms of food, I've got you covered. Plus, eating on campus is a win-win: you can impress your friends without spending anything other than meal points.

Wash U offers a whopping total of 29 different dining options, each with a personality as unique as those of your visiting guests. Here's a list of the five best places on campus to bring your friends, based on the type of people who they are.

Health-conscious friend: Law Café

spinach, chicken, salad
Riana Nigam

The Law Café is located in the Anheuser-Busch Hall and has a huge variety of fresh ingredients to make your own salads and wraps. With vegetarian options, carvery options, a daily comfort meal, and pizza, the Law Café is a place where neither you nor your health-conscious visitor will have to compromise.

Don't be intimidated by the long line either, because it moves quickly, and the food is definitely worth it. Not to mention, your friend will be impressed by your willingness to enter grad student territory.

Carnivore friend: Holmes Lounge

meat, pork, chicken, rice, vegetable, beef, salad, lettuce
Lindsay Siegel

Situated just off Brookings Quad, Holmes Lounge is the perfect place to show off Wash U's Hogwarts aesthetic and our delicious gourmet food options all at once. Most students say Holmes is their favorite place to eat on Wash U's campus, and for good reason. The carvery meats rotate daily (think: BBQ ham, lime-glazed turkey, Coca-Cola strip steak, etc.), and they slice the meat right in front of you for a nice and toasty personalized sandwich, wrap, or panini. 

Take on that slow lunchtime rush line, and use the wait to catch up with your guest about his or her semester while dreaming up the perfect sandwich. Your protein-obsessed friend will be grateful and jealous of your school's dank meat selection.

Bougie friend: Ibby's

As a Wash U student, it's easy to take an on-campus, sit-down restaurant like Ibby's for granted. In reality, it's a really unique dining option that your out-of-town visitors are going to be insanely impressed by.

The best menu options include fresh tuna rolls, crispy calamari, strip steak, and roasted Brussels sprouts. Your Insta-savvy, classy friend is going to feel like royalty, snapping pics of her food while sipping a glass of sangria in the restaurant's quaint outdoor courtyard.

Fun-loving friend: Bear's Den

cheese, chicken
Demi Kallis

Our beloved BD is the perfect place to go both before and after a night out. Stir-fry, pasta, and burgers are all great, carb-filled options to keep you from drinking on an empty stomach and ensure a safe adventure to frat row or that night's Pyramid Promotions event.

After you've shown off Wash U's fun side, take your friend back to Bear's Den for chicken tenders, fries, mozzarella sticks, or pizza any time before 3 am. They'll go to sleep with some happy memories and an even happier stomach. The following morning, you could hit up BD one last time for a brunch that can cure all hangovers.

Busy friend: Paws & Go

tomato, pepper, vegetable
Gabrielle Altman

If you or your friend have no time (or no patience), Paws & Go is the place to grab food. Most of Wash U's dining options involve long lines, but at Paws & Go, you can shop quickly and get back to touring campus in no time. Paws also has a great salad bar with seasonal toppings, daily soups, pre-made sandwiches, frozen yogurt, and milkshakes. With a selection of fresh fruits and veggies, a quick bite at Paws won't require sacrificing your health.

Wash U's food alone is enough to keep your visiting friend from ever wanting to leave. From carvery to stir-fry, we're #blessed with a lot more variety than most other schools, so there's no need to break the bank at off-campus restaurants. You can feel confident in your hosting abilities with this list of on-campus eateries, and be sure to send your guest to the airport with a full stomach and hopes of visiting you at school again soon.