This Valentine's Day, I will be celebrating romance with the one true love of my life. Brunch has always had my back; has never let me down; is always there when I am happy or sad - truly, the greatest boyfriend I could ever ask for. When February 14th rolls around, you best believe I will be buying myself some flowers and treating myself to a fat stack of pancakes. Here are five fabulous brunch places in Atlanta that will be happy to facilitate a romantic date between you and your breakfast food of choice (or if you just want to chug a few mimosas). 

#1. Pancake Social

I just went to Pancake Social for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and may I just say...Oh. My. God. You may be thinking - who will be my baby this Valentine's? Well, I can tell you that my sweet sweet baby is Pancake Social's Dutch Baby Pancake. Which is a skillet-baked deep-dish pancake. I mean, come ON! Try a buttermilk stack with any filling imaginable, and top it off with an order of beignets. 

#2. Folk Art

I first visited Folk Art for break the fast back in October, and now Folk Art will serve as the perfect place for any broken hearts. A homey, adorable diner vibe with delicious food to match, this restaurant will make you feel like you are being embraced in a warm hug. My must-tries include their Sweet Potato Waffles, Huevos Rancheros, and their insane fresh-squeezed Fuji apple juice. 

#3. Sun in my Belly

Sun in my Belly, the cutest lil breakfast and lunch cafe in the Kirkwood neighborhood, will treat you right next week with their Challah French Toast and Lavender Biscuits. The Scrambled Egg Pressed Panini is also to die can't go wrong!

#4. Bread and Butterfly

Oui, oui, madame - would you like to feel fancy this V-day? French cafe Bread and Butterfly will give you not only a delicately scrumptious meal but an adorable Instagram pic to show everyone that you're hot AF. Plus, they have the fluffiest omeletté I've ever had in my life. Au revoir

#5. Highland Bakery

An ATL classic with eight locations around the city, Highland Bakery never fails to delight. The original location in Old Fourth Ward is constantly providing classic Southern brunch and a good ol' time. Treat yourself to the Peanut Butter French Toast, Fried Chicken Benedict, or my favorite - the Breakfast BLT. 

So this Valentine's Day, give yourself the best gift possible: a nice decadent brunch. Love yourself as much as I love brunch. I guarantee that you and brunch food will live happily ever after. Xoxo!