If you're based on the California coast or in Chicago, you probably opt for your local Philz Coffee chain instead of Dunkin' or Starbucks. Beginning in San Francisco's Mission District, Philz Coffee opened its first store in 2003. From there, it's grown to have 70 locations, and remains a favorite pick-me-up spot for people based in Culver City, California all the way to Evanston, Illinois. Uniquely, this coffee shop does not do espresso. Rather, it focuses only on pour-over coffee and cold brews. I first came across Philz Coffee through commentary YouTuber and comedian Jarvis Johnson — a massive fan of the brand. When I visited L.A. for the first time, my first stop was not, in fact, In-N-Out Burger, but Philz. Here are the seven best Philz Coffee orders you can grab in Cali or the Windy City. 

1. Mint Mojito

Photo via Philz Coffee

There's a reason that this is a fan-favorite order. It begins with fresh mint (a staple at the shop) and is muddled at the bottom of the coffee cup. From there, they add drip coffee, a bit of sugar, and heavy cream. The mix of acidic coffee and herbal mint may sound odd, but it offers a truly iconic zing that makes your morning feel super refreshing. P.S. It's even better when iced, and one former barista shared this copycat mint mojito recipe on Reddit. 

2. Iced Coffee Rosé

Photo via Philz Coffee

Yes, it seems like Philz Coffee loves naming its drinks after alcoholic beverages, but rest assured, these are not actually mixed with wine or liquor. Floral coffees are delicious regardless of season, but it is spring after all, so this is a must. With light notes of rose, courtesy of a splash of rose water, you will delight in this unique coffee blend. IMHO, this is best served with oat milk. And at Philz, there's no upcharge for dairy alternatives. 

3. Oatmeal Cookie Cold Brew

Photo via Philz Coffee

This new spring drink should be a staple of the menu, TBH. Philz Coffee's cold brew is already a star on its own. bit when mixed with oat milk and cinnamon, you have a winner. If Philz takes this off the menu for summer, I highly recommend ordering cold brew with oat milk and cinnamon anyway. 

4. Iced Ecstatic 

Photo via Philz Coffee

I personally love an iced black coffee to begin my mornings. The Ecstatic blend serves as a base for many of Philz Coffee's iced coffee drinks. It contains notes of butterscotch, chocolate, and citrus. And of course, it is divine with a splash of cream, too. 

5. Mocha Tesora

Photo via Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee's mocha isn't made with just any cocoa, it's made with Ghirardelli. So, for all those chocolate elitists out there, you know that this cup is one of the best out there. The hot version tastes like home, truly, while the iced Mocha Tesora is an ideal summer beverage. All I'm saying is, it's easy to get your sweet treat fix year-round. 

6. Dirty Chai

Philz Coffee's Dirty Chai is unmatched, with a delectable pour-over made fresh every time. I mean, just look at all those spices it adds to its filter! This is a coffee shop chain that cares. 

7. Honey Haze

Photo via Philz Coffee

Beginning with cold brew, Honey Haze is a beloved Philz Coffee order that is topped with oat milk and honey. One TikTok user shares that they order this with an addition muddled mint. Let the natural coffee flavors abound!