From childhood PB&J to classic Reese's peanut butter cups, add peanut butter to anything and it will be an instant hit. I know I am a peanut butter snob. For me, ever since I was little, I've always been a huge fan of peanut butter. Smother it on toast, mix it in cookie dough, pair it with fresh celery—I'll eat it all (here are some even more ideas about how to add peanut butter to your life). 

Throughout the years, I've experienced a solid amount of peanut butters and discovered that not all peanut butters are created equal. Here are the best peanut butters, categorized into Childhood Classics and Natural/Organic peanut butters brands, ranked by taste.

Classic Childhood Favorite

Starting with the classic and popular peanut butter brands that are easy to find in most grocery stores. Here are my top three classic peanut butters simply based off taste.

3. Smucker's

Smucker's has a wide variety of products under its wing. From Goobers (remember the peanut and butter jelly in one jar?) to Smucker's fruit spreads and jelly, Smucker's has got you covered. Specifically for peanut butter, I recall trying the natural Smucker's creamy peanut butter and did not love it as much as the two you'll see below. It tasted slightly artificially sweetened and the peanut taste was not as prominent.

2. Jif

Everytime I hear Jif, I immediately remember the Jif commercial from a couple years ago in my head. The easily spreadable creamy peanut butter on a slice of soft white bread. So satisfying. Jif comes in second place because although the peanut flavor it there, I personally feel that the peanut flavor is a little too roasted and salty. For those who enjoy saltier PB, this one is for you. 

1. Skippy

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My favorite peanut butter of all. Skippy is the best classic peanut butter. Not only does this remind me of my childhood, but this peanut butter tastes the best out of all butters I have ever tried as it is perfectly sweetened and contains a lightly roasted peanut flavor that I enjoy.

These classic peanut butter brands have all been out for some time, so they have also accumulated a wide variety of versions of their iconic butters. For instance, I actually prefer the Skippy Natural peanut butter spread to the original. So be sure to try out the different versions of butters before you eliminate a brand entirely.

Natural and Organic PB

Within the last decade, there have been more natural and organic peanut butters popping up in stores. Here are my top three organic peanut butters you must try.

3. Trader Joe's Organic Peanut Butter

No longer does going organic mean spending and arm and a leg just for the "organic" label. Easily jump on the eating natural bandwagon with this Trader Joe's Organic peanut butter. At only about a dollar more, you get the same deliciousness and less worries about what you are putting in your body. And personally, I think the peanut roasting which enhances the peanut flavor, is perfection.

2. MaraNatha Nut Butters

Can't locate a Trader Joe's? MaraNatha's peanut butter is easily found in grocery aisles nowadays. Their non-GMO and all natural butter comes in crunchy and creamy varieties, and as seen above, they also have different nut butters, all of which are all natural.

1. Justin's Nut Butters

I remember when Justin's peanut butter was all the hype (and it still is going strong). This is my favorite natural peanut butter since the peanut butter is perfectly sweetened. They are also known for their different add-ins, like Honey Peanut Butter and Maple Almond Butter, all of which are phenomenal.

As a bonus, Justin also sells peanut butter cups and my personal favorite, single serve butter packets. Yes, I eat PB just by itself. No shame at all.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Peanut butter has and always will be a staple in my everyday living. Spread it or consume it as it is, nut butters are readily available in all grocery stores and will keep you full throughout the day. Although all peanut butters are delicious, if you see any of these in store, you should definitely snatch them up as these are the best peanut butters (imo).

And, if you want to utilize your new PB in different ways, try out these recipes to make with peanut butter