We've all been there; it's scheduling day and you have all of your classes planned out perfectly, until you don't and you end up having to take class in the middle of dinner time. No one wants to be the kid that's crunching on Doritos or opens a Tupperware full of potent smells, so what could you bring to eat? Here are some ideas for meal time class snacks to hold you over until you can get your hands on some real dinner.

 Fruit Salad and a Cheese Stick

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Clarisse Callahan

With 7 grams of protein in a cheese stick and tons of fiber found in a variety fruit, this winning snack combo will keep you full until you get the chance to eat a full entree. To be even sneakier, include soft fruits like berries, grapes, and mango so that there isn't any crunch like when you bite into a crisp apple. But, if you're feeling it, go right ahead and pick your favorites, no matter what the texture. Plus, the sweet smelling fruits shouldn't make any classmates glare when eating your meal time class snack.  

Protein Bar or Shake

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Minus the 0.3 seconds it takes to tare open the wrapper, protein bars are a silent success as a meal time class snack. Find your favorite brand or flavor and they can become a true lifesaver when your stomach starts to sound like an erupting volcano. There are so many different brands, so if you buy one and you don't like it, make sure you try again or ask a friend. If you prefer, you could also make your own or buy a protein shake. They provide the same filling properties and don't involve a crunchy wrapper.  

Roll Ups and Sandwiches

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Roll ups are one of the most versatile snacking options and great to bring for class. From ham and cheese, to peanut butter and banana, to even full on sandwich wraps, roll ups are quiet, hassle and mess free, and delicious. Tortillas will become your best friend, creating an easy base for any type of filling. Plus, the carbohydrates from the tortilla will also help to hold you over until you can get home and any filling will add more nutrients and flavor. 

Sandwiches can get the job done just as well if there are no tortillas around. They could be as simple and a quick PB&J or as fancy as a double decker ham and turkey club with all of the fixings. They are cheap, easy to throw together before class, and can keep well if you have a full day of classes and can't make it back home.

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No matter what snack you choose to settle the deafening sounds coming from your stomach, these are all quiet solutions that will avoid glares from peers and embarrassing stenches. It's not your stomachs fault that your class goes from 5-7pm so feed it, make it happy, and buckle down because your next task is to not fall asleep while your professor goes on and on about who even knows what.    

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