Whether you’ve been cramming for a midterm until 12 AM and are suddenly ravenous, or its 3 AM on a Saturday and you stumble your way out of a cab, there’s usually only one thing on your mind: food. And the only answer is Nite Owl.

In the early hours of the morning, the late-night food service offers the food you crave. Decisions get tough when you are at the kiosk ordering food and are suddenly overwhelmed by the options; from grilled cheese, to chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes and much more. What are the best options at each night owl? I’ve broken down the offerings of the four spots so that you can get the very best late night food has to offer.



Photo by Marci Green

Anchoring the late-night Newing and Dickinson crowd, C4 is open until 4 AM on the weekends, perfect for even the latest partiers. While it tends to be consistently crowded on both weeknights and weekends, it offers some unique items, which makes the wait worth it.

The French toast sticks are a can’t-miss item on the menu. These fried, fluffy pieces of perfection satisfy that sweet tooth, and the craving you sometimes get for breakfast at night. Served with maple syrup on the side, this will probably be the earliest breakfast you’ve ever gotten. C4 also offers the unique pizza logs, which once again prove that everything is better fried. Bursting with tomato sauce and cheese, these little logs remind you of the days of Totino’s pizza rolls commercials.

The last stand-out item on the menu at C4 are the quesadillas. This is a long-time favorite that has become even more popular due to Nite Owl’s reduced prices. Dip it in some guacamole and sour cream and this is the closest you will be getting to Moe’s at 3 AM.

Honorable mentions: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, garlic fries



Photo by Marci Green

When you think of CIW Nite Owl there is only one thing that comes to mind: milkshakes.

A CIW milkshake is in a league of its own, with three options of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream and Oreos, the milkshakes are perfect in their simplicity. The sweet drink is just the perfect consistency: thick enough where it retains its texture of ice cream, but liquid enough to drink. This milkshake encompasses everything you desire in a dessert. The drink’s popularity is undeniable for a reason. You cannot go through your Binghamton career without having at least one or fifty.

CIW also offers a well-stocked convenience store with treats ranging from Oreos, Nutella, Chips Ahoy! and even Lunchables because you never know when you might want to make a personal pepperoni pizza at midnight.



Photo by Marci Green

Appalachian also boasts a well-stocked convenience store with cereal, Entemann’s desserts and even milk. This Nite Owl opens at 7 pm, so even the early sleepers can enjoy the satisfaction of all App’s Nite Owl has to offer. Mountainview’s Freshens station offers a variety of ice cream flavors, fro-yo and even smoothies.

My personal preference is chocolate fro-yo with bananas and chocolate chips; it is heavenly. App’s grill is also noteworthy with their unique waffle fries, warm cookies that’s not offered in dining halls and my personal favorite popcorn chicken. App’s Nite Owl follows suit to the dining hall with serving decent food.



Photo by Marci Green

The last but certainly not least spot on our Nite Owl tour is Hinman. Hinman offers almost anything you could want from Nite Owl. It is open until 4 AM but also contains a convenience store that C4 can’t compete with.

They offer all of the grill classics such as chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, fries, grilled cheese and plenty more. They also sell ice cream and frozen meals. The convenience store is also open most of the day, which is actually convenient for students. With a large eat-in dining area and more food then you can imagine, you wonder why you would need to go anywhere else.

Binghamton has a pretty large selection of late-night foods that will satisfy the odd dining habits of any college student. When it comes time to make your trip to Nite Owl, don’t forget these suggestions. You won’t be disappointed.