If you've wound up in life with a significant other or best friend who'd rather be baking than marathon watching Netflix, you're truly #blessed. Now it's your responsibility to equip this said baker with the best of the best kitchenware. And when we say best, we don't mean your mother's kitchen set either. 

On December, 15th, join us on Facebook where we'll be getting into the holiday spirit and giving away each of these live! Tune in the rest of the week to find gifts for the rest of your list.

Easy Bake Oven

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Take it back to where it all started and give your bestie the best excuse to post a #tbt Insta next week. Buy it here.

Electric S'mores Maker

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Just because it's cold outside and there's no way you can afford an apartment with a real fireplace doesn't mean you and bae can't experience the joy of a melty s'mores year-round. Buy it here.

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

pie, sauce, frozen pizza, tomato, mozzarella, dough, pepperoni, cheese, crust, pizza
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Expand your baker's culinary skills with the art of pizza making in the comfort of their tiny-ass kitchen. Buy it here.

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