When you're trying to eat healthier, Pizza Hut likely isn't your go-to takeout place. However, when a situation comes up where it's the only option, don't fret. With a little bit of portion control, any of your fav foods can be included into your diet. Listed below are a few options to eat at Pizza Hut without breaking the calorie bank.

Since none of its food is exactly overflowing with fresh vegetables and lean sources of protein, I chose these healthier options based on calorie count alone. So if you're watching your weight but still want to get that Pizza Hut fix, I've got you covered. And don't worry— there is, in fact, lots of pizza involved. Its not as hard as it seems to make "healthy Pizza Hut" not sound crazy. 

1. 2 Slices of Buffalo Chicken Small Original Pan Slices

Clocking in at only 280 calories for both slices, this meal will not only deliver a ton of flavor, but 12 grams of protein as well to help fill you up and keep you satisfied for longer. It's a great option for those looking for a big flavor that's not too high in calories or fat.  

2. 2 Slices of Four Pepper Pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza Slices

While you might think that the pepperoni would send this pizza into calorie overload, two slices of this thinner-crust pizza only add up to 290 calories. While the crust might not be as thick, it's still just as delicious, and with 12 grams of tasty protein you'll be satisfied after just two slices anyway. 

3. 2 Slices of Chicken Bacon Parmesan Small Original Pan Slices

Nothing about this sounds low-cal. However, eating two of these slices will add up to just 310 calories. Chicken, bacon, and cheese for only 310 calories and a whopping 14 grams of protein? Yes, you heard it here. 

4. 2 Slices of Cheese Small Hand Tossed Slices

If your in the mood for some classic cheese pizza, you're in luck. For two whole slices of cheese pizza, you're only consuming 260 calories, which really doesn't seem like much. As long as two slices are enough for you, feel free to satisfy your pizza cravings. 

5. 3 Slices of Hawaiian Chicken Small Thin 'N Crispy Slices

Yeah, you read that right. Three—yes three—slices of this pie comes out at only 320 calories. This pie is big on flavor, but low on calories and fat. As an added bonus, three slices of Hawaiian have 17 grams of delicious protein to keep you satisfied. 

#SpoonTip: With any of the meals listed above, you can order a side Garden Salad with Light Italian Dressing for an additional 135 calories.

6. Large Garden Salad with Light Italian Dressing

If you're in the mood for something light, opt for Pizza Hut's Garden Salad with their Light Italian Dressing. Some of their other salads have more calories than a whole pizza pie, so be careful. This delicious veggie-packed salad with dressing will only be around 245 calories.

Bonus: Dessert

If you have a major sweet tooth and can't live without dessert, two small cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut only have 160 calories, so feel free to enjoy.

While it may not seem like it, Pizza Hut actually has some options that aren't too bad for someone who is trying to be healthier. Remember that with portion control anything can fit into your diet. So if you want pizza, eat pizza; if you want a salad, eat a salad. Just enjoy in moderation, because that's what a healthy lifestyle is all about.