Now that Thanksgiving is over it is officially Christmas season, but for all us Jewish people out there it is also officially Hanukkah season! Eight days filled with presents, candle lighting, and of course, the food. While many people are familiar with food traditionally served during Christmas (the Christmas episodes of the Great British Baking Show are some of their best by the way...) not that many people know what food is eaten during Hanukkah. So I am here to let everyone who is interested know that Hanukkah food exists, and it's about time you tried it. 


A classic. Basically they're potato pancakes, and they're super easy to make, all you have to do is sing along to the instructions by the Jewish singing group The Maccabeats.

#SpoonTip: make sure to dip them in applesauce. 


A jelly donut...but better. Sufganiyot are deep-fried donuts filled with jelly (usually strawberry or raspberry), and topped with powdered sugar! Difficult to pronounce, but delicious to eat.



Muffet on Flickr

Chocolate. Fake money. What more could you want?


Rugelach is the most beautiful thing that non-Jews know nothing about. It's essentially a pastry made with dough that's wrapped around a filling. Fillings can be anything from chocolate, to jam, to nuts, to the best option: cinnamon sugar. 

Judaism has amazing food for all holidays, not just Hanukkah. You can give Hanukkah foods a try and then explore more articles to get you started on your spiritual, Jewish food journey. Or you can just listen to The Maccabeats while chowing down on some challah, it's all the same.