Halloween is upon us yet again and you might be starting to think of costume ideas for this year. These days, it’s pretty common to see the same costumes redone year after year. If you want something unique, maybe a little funny, here are a few food-inspired costumes that will at least be good conversation starters at this year’s Halloween party. You’ll look almost good enough to eat!

1. Franzia Bags


Photo by.coalitionoftheswilling.net


Photo by Audrey Camero

Two of my good friends did this last year and it was impressive and fairly easy to make. Not to mention it gives you an excuse to carry around an actual Franzia and liven up the party a little. Fun for you and your friends since you know everyone loves slappin’ the bag.

2. Taco

Barbacoa Taco

Photo by Kathleen Lee.


Photo by coolesthomemadecostumes.com


Photo by Camille Garcia

Just the fact that this exists is amazing. You’d be going to a party as everyone’s favorite food. Plus, since you’re a taco, its only right that you’re paired with a little tequila, amirite?

3. M&Ms…or other chocolate


Photo by Nancy Chow.


Photo by Andrea Medina

These kinds of costumes are only made better using the actual wrappers somehow. Which means you get to eat stuff. If that’s not a good enough reason already then I don’t know what is.

4. Sushi Roll


Photo by Gabby Phi.


Photo by nayuk.radziz.com

Besides this being adorable, it’s also SO easy to make. Plus, it’s fun to think about what type of roll you would be: would you be topped with wasabi? Perhaps a little cream cheese? The possibilities are seemingly endless.

5. A Banana (or strawberry)


Photo by blogelodeon.wordpress.com

Go Bananas

Photo by Katherine Carroll.

This is a classic go-to costume for all of you Hey Arnold! fans. Whether you’re the apple or banana, you’ll be sure to bring some laughs to whatever party you go to. And plus who doesn’t love to reminisce about old Nickelodeon classics?

This is a good time to get creative with your Halloween costumes. So put that slutty cat costume down. We all know that there’s nothing sexier than food.