There’s no doubt that food other people make for you or food that you get from restaurants is so much better than food you make at home. And obviously when you go out, the cheaper food is always better than expensive food. Living in Philly, it isn’t always easy to eat out on a budget. However, this article will help you find the best places to eat all for under ten dollars!

A Slice of Lorenzo’s Pizza


Photo courtesy of @libbycady on Instagram

$3.50 for a slice of pizza bigger than your head!? It’s bigger than most whole pizzas and it’s still less than $10! Get a slice here!

Dalessandro’s Cheesesteak


Photo courtesy of @realfooddues on Instagram

$9.00 for the best cheesesteak you’ll ever have. Hallelujah. Get the best cheesesteak in Philly here!

A Half-Dozen Federal Donuts


Photo courtesy of @csmythhh on Instagram

The best donuts in the whole world will only cost you $6.00. I’m drooling just looking at this picture. Pick up these amazing donuts here!

Franklin Fountain Ice-cream


Photo by Monica Mellon

$5.00 for one scoop, $6.25 for two and $7.35 for three. Endless flavors for your non-endless wallet. Scream for ice-cream here!

Hai Street Kitchen Sushi-rito


Photo courtesy of @rimma13 on Instagram

Hai Street Kitchen is the place to go to get the best combination of Mexican food and Japanese food. Sushi in a burrito is to die for. Get one here!

Shake Shack Burgers


Photo by Leah Hillegas

$5.29 for a Shack burger and $2.99 for fries, a.k.a, all you really need without hurting your wallet. Here is where you can find this amazing meal.

Almost Anything at Wawa


Photo by Olivia D’Aiutolo

Snacks, milkshakes, hoagies, drinks, everything. You could get a meal for under $10 at Wawa. Here’s where you can find your closest Wawa to get your $10 meal.

Rainbow Bagels


Photo courtesy of @maddiejill on Instagram

Anywhere from $2 to $7 to taste the rainbow. Taste the rainbow here!

Honey Grow Stir Fry


Photo courtesy of @phillyfoodblogger on Instagram

A beautiful stir-fry filled with noodles , vegetables and your choice of meat all for anywhere from $8-$9. What more could you ask for!? You can find this stir-fry here!

Meltkraft Melter Skelter


Photo courtesy of @spoon_templeu on Instagram

$8.75 for the prettiest grilled cheese you’ve ever seen. Find it here!