Headaches are a common problem among people in general, especially college kids. We’ve gone from having minimal stress to taking on a boat load of courses, work, bills, and problems we never even thought of. It’s no shocker that Advil seems to always be the go-to medicine for problems.

But if you’re like me, you like to try home remedies before resorting to medicine. Often times, the best medicine is right in your pantry. Check out these foods proven to reduce headaches.



Photo by Katherine Baker

Bananas are filled with potassium, something you’re severely lacking when you get a headache. They’re also super high of magnesium, which can often times help with pressure in your temples. Plain bananas can be unappetizing to some, so get your potassium on with a sweet banana treat.

Hot peppers


Photo by Abby Wang

If your headache is sinus-related, look no further than hot peppers (or any other spicy food). The spiciness can decongest your nose and head and relieve your pesky headache. Need that spice but trying to stay healthy? This sweet and spicy acorn squash recipe is right up your alley for sinus-related headaches.



Photo by Eury Fabian

This is one of those times mom was right… Milk makes your bones strong because of all the calcium, something your body may be lacking when you have a headache. Pour yourself a cold glass to get rid of that pain ASAP.



Photo by Stephanie DeVaux

While mushrooms alone might make you cringe (#fungi), they’re actually extremely helpful for preventing headaches. According to scientists, vitamin B2 greatly reduces pain and, lucky for you, mushrooms just happen to be filled with it. Even if you’re a mushroom hater like me, you can still fix those headaches with this yummy mushroom, onion, and goat cheese crostini recipe.



Photo courtesy of Irina Chalaguina

Spinach is a superfood full of nutrients and helps relieve pressure and therefore can help with headaches. This spinach, avocado, and mango smoothie is perfect for a quick, on-the-go reliever.



Photo by Katie Huang

According to scientists, often times headaches are due to dehydration. So, if you have a hard time drinking enough water, grab some food that’s water-based. That way you can quench your thirst and get rid of your headache at the same time.

Whole Grain


Photo courtesy of sarahbakesgf.com

Who ever thought carbs would be the answer to the problem? Turns out, carbohydrates help you gain more energy and therefore can take away a headache. Choose whole grain over white bread because the carbs are released slower. Whip up some of these delicious whole wheat muffins for a quick headache reliever.