I have a love of food blogs. They’re brimming with recipes only a chef could properly cook and artistic shots of food that look like they were taken for a food magazine. And there are literally thousands of food blogs. So I narrowed my search to the Volunteer State to see what the best bloggers of our state look like. When it comes to food, local is better, so why not food blogs too?


Cara Greenstein from Caramelized runs her blog out of Memphis and features local Memphis restaurants as well as her own recipes. The combination of restaurant reviews, recipe walk-throughs and hostessing tips makes her blog worth checking out. Her recipe for open-faced sandwiches looks especially tasty.

Photo courtesy of Cara Greenstein

Lemons and Basil

Lemons and Basil is a Nashville-based blog run by Kaylee Pauley. Lemons and Basil is all about healthy and clean eating without subtracting from the flavor. Check out her recipe for sweet potato Pad Thai with Sriracha sauce.

Photo courtesy of Kaylee Pauley

Local Milk

Probably my favorite blog from the list, Local Milk is run out of Chattanooga and Nashville by Beth Kirby. Not only does she create delectable recipes, but she takes incredible photos documenting the cooking process.  And while it might not be easy for a college student to make chocolate lavender cake with mascarpone earl grey buttercream or honeysuckle biscuits with sea salt peach butter, we can certainly drool over the pictures.

Photo courtesy of Beth Kirby

Local Forkful

Charles Hunter III, who runs Local Forkful, grew up in Tennessee and currently lives in Nashville, so it’s safe to say he understands Tennessee’s local flavors. His recipe for sweet potato pancakes with sweet potato butter sounds perfect for fall.  

Photo courtesy of Charles Hunter III


Chattavore is run by Mary Haymaker, a native Tennessean based in Chattanooga who prides herself on creating authentic Southern recipes. And I’d have to agree, just on the basis of what might be the most Southern recipe known to man: sweet tea and lemonade pie.

Photo courtesy of Mary Haymaker


UT’s Spoon University

And as for Knoxville-based food blogs, there weren’t many results. But don’t worry, we’ve got that covered. We take care of everything food-based in Knoxville. From restaurant reviews to recipes to food tricks, we’ll have what the Knoxville foodie needs.

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Photo by Meredith Simmons

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