For the Nutrition Junkie & Whole Foods Obsessed | Nutrition Stripped


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For those of you who appreciate true nutrition, science and the beauty of unprocessed foods, Nutrition Stripped is the blog for you. The author, McKel, shares her passion for clean living with 100% vegan and gluten free recipes. Rather then “skinny recipes,” McKel, a registered dietitian, hones in on health. Don’t let this deter you though. Her smoothie bowls are to die for, and her creativity and ability to incorporate everyday and obscure ingredients reaches far beyond kale salad. Oh, and did I mention the beautiful photos?


Food for Thought | Local Milk


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While browsing Local Milk, I feel as if I am curled by the fire, pondering philosophical inquiries while simultaneously engrossed in stunning photography of gourmet eats. Beth beautifully weaves personal experiences and her inherent talent for creative writing with recipes and personal musings on delicious cuisine.


Easy Button: Recipe Edition | The Minimalist Baker


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Simplicity. That’s what we all really want in life, right? The Minimalist Baker, written by a suave couple, presents easy recipes for all things sweet, as well as main dishes and sides. John and Dana keep it simple in terms of ingredients, steps, and tools to minimize the potential mess we all tend to make when we make insane recipes. After scrolling through the lengthy recipe archives, I can honestly say the options are incredibly appealing and crafted with a health-conscious mind.


 Beyond Burgers and Easy Mac | Eat Your World 

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Because we all know international cuisine trumps American food any day. If you aren’t jazzed about traveling and eating funky foreign dishes (like frog legs), you will be after reading this. Complete with a world map, what to eat, how to burn it off and where-to-stay sections, Eat Your World equips readers with guidance for the most important aspects of travel: Food, Activity, Sleep and Repeat in 125+ cities worldwide. You can even contribute stories and recommendations from your own food-ventures.


 Food We Wish We Could Eat Every Day | Smitten Kitchen


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Gourmet comfort food made with love in a tiny 42 square-foot NYC kitchen. What am I so smitten with? The breadth of recipe categories (quiche, stew, Jewish, Russian, wedding cake, the list goes on and on).


All Around Champ | Love & Lemons

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A local Austin, TX blogger with a beautiful, easy to navigate site and sortable recipe index. Healthy recipes to help ward off the freshman 15 (or any 15 for that matter) can be found here.