It is finally December, which means tis’ officially the season to start thinking about the holidays, buying gifts, and eating your favorite holiday snacks. However, for the college student, December also signifies the bittersweet end of the semester. To end the year on a positive note and score well on final examinations and midterms, students must exhaust innumerable hours studying, procrastinating, paper-writing, and preparing for tests. With all of this studying and stress, it is important to maintain healthy self-care and find ways to truly manifest the Christmas Spirit, despite the academic hardship. So, here are some quick and cheap holiday-themed snacks to buy from Aldi to help stay motivated during late-night study cram sessions.


Jocelynne Dorotan

1. Clancy’s Dark Drizzled Kettle Corn ($1.79)

Kettle corn is an indisputable favorite for just about any time of the year, and not only does a serving of this snack provide adequate fuel and a crisp crunch, but the dark chocolate drizzle also contains many antioxidants to keep your brain energized.

Jocelynne Dorotan

2. Clancy’s Dipped Peppermint Pretzel Stars ($1.99)

Nothing screams “Winter and Christmas food!” more than peppermint, and the combination of peppermint and pretzels is more than enough to satisfy late-night sugar cravings.

Jocelynne Dorotan

3. Specially Selected Caramel Waffles ($1.99)

Finals season won’t be so WAFFLE with this crunchy food imported directly from the Netherlands. This versatile snack pairs exceptionally well with any meal, and tastes sweet enough to satisfy a sweet-tooth without creating a sugar-induced headache.

Jocelynne Dorotan

4. Specially Selected European Chocolate Truffles ($2.99)

This box provides a generous assortment of chocolate truffle flavors – sea salt caramel, mousse au chocolat, vanilla, and hazelnut coffee – that would all be great brain food to eat during breaks. 

Jocelynne Dorotan

5. Benner Holiday Teas ($1.89 ea)

Long study sessions inevitably entails several cups of coffee or tea, so why not have holiday-flavored teas to stay jolly? The varieties include candy cane, chai, and cinnamon spice. And for an extra-satisfying drink, add a milk of choice to make a refreshing milk tea!

Jocelynne Dorotan

6. Choceur Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds ($2.99)

Almonds are considered a healthy snack because they provide plenty of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants. And, the dark chocolate coating on these contributes even more antioxidants and a minimal amount of caffeine to help maintain energy.

Jocelynne Dorotan

7. Choceur Dark Chocolate Cherries ($3.99)

It’s CHERRIFFIC that cherries are popular during the Winter seasons because of their high concentration of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants. This snack provides an appealing combination of mild sweetness from the cherries and a slight bitterness from the chocolate.

Jocelynne Dorotan

8. Sundae Shoppe Reindeer Ice Cream Pops ($1.79)

These treats have a mixture caramel, chocolate, and strawberry-flavored ice cream that complements its irresistibly adorable appearance. And at only 70 calories a pop, they are a great guilt-free indulgence.

If none of these appeal to you, Aldi has a plethora of other wonderful selections to choose from and releases new specials every week. Aldi is easily accessible from the Oakland campus by taking the 71A/C outbound, getting off at Centre Ave/Negley Ave, and walking a short one-block distance to the store.

Happy studying!