Apparently brunch is a thing we millennials like to do. I mean, I like to brunch, I know a lot of people like to brunch, but I had no idea our generation brought back brunch. Throughout my time as a college student living in Philadelphia, I’ve had a brunch here and there and have built up a list of places worth revisiting. So without further ado, let’s stick it to the baby boomers and have the best brunch in Philly. 

Sabrina's Cafe

If you go to Drexel, this is the most basic of places to brunch. “Why is this even an option?” you ask. Four words: stuffed challah French toast. As freshmen, many a Drexel student learn about the freshman fifteen first-hand after gorging themselves on giant (not a hyperbole) slices of challah French toast stuffed with cream cheese filling. If you’re not familiar with Drexel, trust me, it’s so worth the calories, but be prepared for a 45 minute wait as they don’t take reservations.

Devil's Alley

By night, it’s a bar. By day, it’s a sick place to brunch. The restaurant is well-lit with skylights and tons of plants decorating the second floor. Brick walls with pop art of devils and monsters give it a cool vibe as you sip a Chipotle Bloody Mary. Food is a mix of your standard breakfast fare and burgers, but it’s good quality and the bill isn’t demonic.

The Little Lion

This one’s for all you Hamilton lovers out there. Named after the man himself, this tap house has some killer colonial decor and food to match. The Little Lion succinctly describes itself as “American comfort food with a southern twist,” with brunch options ranging from grits to barbeque chicken thigh sliders to red velvet French toast. It’s an upscale vibe with chill food, so the perfect place if you’re trying to impress while eating on a college budget.

Gran Caffe L'Aquila

Ingredients imported from Italy. Featured cocktails from different regions of Italy. Actual Italian food made by real Italian people. Gran Caffe is like having an Italian vacation on a college student budget. If you follow Rome’s soccer team, Roma Club Philadelphia meets here to watch the games. They get pretty passionate about it. A guy punched the wall cursing in Italian one time. In terms of paying for food, it’s on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. And boy, do you get a lot.


Alright so at this point, any hope of maintaining a budget has gone out the window. But it is so, so worth it. Situated right next to Rittenhouse Park, Parc is not only aptly named, it is in the prime location to make you feel like you’re in a Parisian café. Tables next to French doors overlook the park so you can people watch as you sip on a café au lait. It’s never too early for a cheese board, so enjoy some fromage as you take in the gilded mirrors and painted tile walls. And because this place is ever so French, the brunch beverage list has it’s own page of the menu. 

If possible, I recommend checking out each of these places at least once. Now I’m quite willing to throw away my money in the name of finding the best brunch in Philly, but all the places I’ve listed serve a quality meal, regardless of price. So eat, drink, and be merry as you brunch your way through the city of brotherly love.