With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everybody is looking for that perfect someone and the prime spot to fall in loooooove. Whether it’s your first date or 4-year anniversary, treat your special someone to Bloomington’s best drink and dinner locations.

First Date – Soma Coffeehouse


Photo by Claire Waggoner

Soma’s laid-back indie vibes create the perfect atmosphere for a first date. Cozy seating, soft music playing in the background, and creative drinks give Soma a one-up on Starbucks’ stuffy location on Indiana Ave. Coffee is the perfect way to get a good conversation started and you don’t have to worry about looking funny or being messy while eating a big dinner.

#SpoonTip: Bring gum to prevent coffee breath from ruining your first kiss!

“This is Only Our Third Date…” – The Owlery


Photo by Claire Waggoner

Starting to see someone right before Valentine’s Day is tricky because no one knows the right way to mark the relationship. Why not brunch? This sunlit café specializes in comfort food for vegans and veggie lovers. The cute owl theme brings out a homey feel, which keeps the atmosphere very casual and stress-free.

#SpoonTip: Be sure to check out the bakery up front for some sweet treats at the end of the date.

This Might Be Love – FARMbloomington


Photo by Katie Coyie

FARM is the perfect place to take your lucky someone. The chic and ever-changing food choices, plus the rustic setting creates a unique, sweet date without being overly romantic. FARM is sure to put out a Valentine’s day menu so be on the lookout! Want a great starter that you can’t go wrong with? You’ll be wanting the FARMfamous Garlic Fries.

#SpoonTip: Feeling the love? Order dessert! The pavlova meringue is the way to any girl’s heart.

Wedding Bells in the Future – Upland Bar and Grill


Photo by Amelia Weller

What better way to really show your love than to treat your sweetheart to an expensive meal featuring brewery flights. For meat lovers and vegetarians galore, Upland offers everything from burgers, warm soup, salad, and tofu. The most popular dish on the menu is the buffalo burger, which tends to be messy – so beware! Be sure to order a flight of beer to find your perfect craft beer with your fine meal. To make the occasion that much sweeter, try eating outside by getting cozy next to the heat lamps or outdoor fireplace featuring string lights which really set the mood.

#SpoonTip: Make the evening more romantic by buying her a dress for the occasion and make a reservation in advance!

GNO – The Upstairs Pub

Party it up

Fear not single ladies, there’s still hope to shimmy out of those sexy intimates! The Upstairs is the spot to go for a wild night out of taking shots, playing darts & pool, and making yourself known by pinning your bra or underwear to the already crowded ceiling. Adding your scandalous Valentine’s Day-themed panties to the infamous ceiling can be even more thrilling than just showing them off for some rando that keeps buying you the oh-so-subtle Blowjob Shots, Sex on the Beach, and Screwdrivers.

#SpoonTip: Bring an extra pair in your purse in case you find your Mr. Right now and don’t want to do your Walk of Shame commando the next morning.