Sometimes when you're traveling, between driving to the airport, getting through security, and worrying about finding a place for your carry-on, there simply isn't enough time to snack. Luckily, the trend of including complementary airline snacks on every flight has increased in popularity around the world. 

From your usual pretzels and peanuts to filled croissants and cup ramen, every airline offers something a little different. If you have some flexibility in your travel plans, try to score the best airline snacks by picking the right airline. 

Here's a ranking of 20 of the best complementary airline snacks I could find:

20. Southwest

Southwest offers some in-flight snacks for free on every flight, so they make the list, but it's the bare minimum. You'll have the choice between salted peanuts or pretzels for your in-flight snack. It should be just enough to keep you from dying of hunger before you land. 

19. Iberia

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Emily Palmer

Iberia keeps it super simple with only one complementary airline snack offering. You'll find their thick-cut potato chips, called Patatas Fritas, waiting for you in stylish packaging as soon as you arrive at your seat.

18. British Airways

You'll have to wait until the end of your flight to receive your airline snack from British Airways. It's worth the wait if you'd want to choose from a variety of vintage chewy candies, including Banana Skid and Refreshers. Personally, I love having a little sugar rush to get me through baggage claim. 

17. Air New Zealand

If you're lucky enough to be flying on Air New Zealand, you'll have access to a variety of flavors of complementary homemade hard candies. From lemon to peppermint, the flavors taste natural without being overpoweringly sweet.

Usually, flight attendants have children onboard help distribute the snacks, which help your ears to depressurize on the descent. 

16. Air Tahiti 

Air Tahiti offers only one Snack Du Jour, but it's a refreshing break from the usual airline snacks. Every passenger receives a little hunger-crushing pack of cheese sticks and sesame crackers. 

15. Alaska Airlines 

Despite Alaska Airlines' name, their in-flight snack offering is named Island Snack Mix. In your complementary snack baggie, you'll find honey roasted sesame sticks, dried pineapple, and macadamia nuts. The sweet and salty notes perfectly complement one another.

14. Avianca

Don't let the bland sounding name of Avianca's cheese biscuits fool you. These Achiras are a Colombian specialty turned airline snack that have passengers shoving as many as they can fit in their carry-ons. 

13. Hawaiian Airlines

If you're on a Hawaiian Airlines flight, you'll have two snack options inspired by local flavors and made from local ingredients. Their furikake chips are made from sweet potatoes and taro. Or you can choose zesty ranch popcorn. 

12. American Airlines

American Airlines removes the stress of deciding what to order by only offering two snack options. But no matter what you're craving, you're in luck. They have pretzels for those who want a salty snack and delicious Biscoff cookies for passengers with a sweet tooth. 

I'm not sure what it is about Biscoff cookies as an airline snack, but it's what I look forward to most when I'm traveling. Even when I'm not traveling, I get my fix in spread form

11. Qantas

For a more exotic spin on sweet and savory airline snacks, fly Qantas. Like American, they offer two complementary snack options. However, they manage to pack a little more flavor in their tamari almonds and chocolate cookies. 

10. Turkish Airlines

What would you expect for an in-flight snack on Turkish Airlines besides Turkish delight? Luckily, this is the high-quality, melt-in-your-mouth variety that delivers a burst of flavor to get you out of that travel funk. 

9. Virgin Australia

On a Virgin Australia flight, you'll be offered a less processed airline snack. The only drawback is that the snack provided rotates depending on the flight, so you never know what you're going to get. Virgin Australia uses local artisan food produces, so I'm sure whatever snack you get, it'll be tasty. 

8. United Airlines

Everyone loves the gift of choice. On United Airlines, your airline snack could be either Asian or ranch-flavored snack mix. They also offer traditional Stroopwafels in case you want to indulge your sweet tooth. 

#SpoonTip: Put your Stroopwafel on top of your coffee to warm up the caramel center.

7. Japan Airlines

Every Japan Airlines flight has a self-service box of snacks available for passengers to visit as they please. You can choose as many or as few as you want from a variety of pre-packaged Japanese goodies, from crunchy fermented soybeans to candy. 

6. Delta

Why fix what's not broken? Delta offers several classic airline snacks for free on every flight. Your in-flight options include honey roasted peanuts, pretzels, yogurt granola bars, and those amazing Biscoff cookies you always sneak into your bag for later. 

5. Jet Blue

If you choose to fly Jet Blue, you'll be greeted by a flight attendant with a box of complementary snacks to choose from. They have many traditional snacks, including Craisins, Cheez-Its, and chocolate chip cookies, as well as some unique ones, like blue chips. 

4. Swiss International Airlines

I may be slightly biased by my obsession with chocolate, but I think Swiss International Airlines has one of the best airline snack offerings. Every passenger receives a bar of their own genuine Swiss chocolate made from sustainably-produced cocoa

3. Air France

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Amanda Ryvkin

True to French style, every Air France passenger receives either a stuffed croissant or sandwich as an in-flight snack. They're made fresh for every flight to give you the most genuine taste of France possible. 

2. Korean Air

While all of Korean Air's complementary in-flight snacks are pre-packaged, they're a whole lot more substantial than many airline snacks. With options like samgak kimbap (triangle rice and seaweed cakes) and ramen alongside rice cakes and shrimp crackers, you can make a whole meal of it. 


It's hard to rank airlines for their snacks when some offer quality snacks and others offer a wide range of decent options. This time, quality beats quantity. 

LATAM only offers one in-flight snack, but it's a winner. You'll want to bring an extra carry-on for hoarding their Alfajores cookies, made by sandwiching dulce de leche between two almond cookies dipped in either milk or white chocolate. 

While I wouldn't personally recommend choosing an airline solely for their snacks, why wouldn't you choose the flight with the best airline snacks possible?