Berkey Creamery is a staple for both Penn State visitors and students. On weekends, the line snakes around the building with loyal Penn Staters itching to satisfy their sweet tooth.

With over 100 flavors to choose from, it's easy to find yourself in a predicament when you reach the counter. Don't stress, follow this guide to pick the perfect flavor for your personality.

1. Peachy Paterno 

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Peachy Paterno is a classic and a favorite among fans who like to relive the glory days of when Joe Pa ruled Happy Valley. Don't be surprised if these die-hards have a blue and white themed basement along with a cardboard cut out of Paterno in the corner. 

2. WPSU Coffee Break

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If your caffeine addiction doesn't end at Starbucks, WPSU Coffee Break is the choice for you. Some say this flavor will make you as basic as ordering a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but in my opinion, ice cream is the best way to get your coffee buzz.

If you feel like the quizzes, papers and exams just won't stop, chill out with a scoop of WPSU Coffee Break.

3. Birthday Bash

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Birthday Bash is for ice cream fanatics who love a reason to celebrate. Whether it's a 21st birthday or a Nittany Lion victory, you're the first to crank up the tunes and get the party started.

You rock a pink birthday sash like its nobody's business and usually are the leading roll of all of your squad's snapchat stories. This big scoop of fun is the perfect fit for your even bigger personality

4. Death By Chocolate

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Do you bravely face the top of Mount Nittany? Do you fiercely decide to wing a chemistry exam? Does "Who do you know here?" sound more like a challenge waiting to be broken than the sound of rejection?

If your answer to all three of these questions is "yes", Death by Chocolate is the flavor for you. Only the most daring people in Happy Valley go for a cone of Death by Chocolate. If you truly have no fear: dig in.

5. Coconut Chip

No shoes. No shirt. No problem. If you run on island time or are finding sand in your hair until late September, Coconut Chip is the choice for you.

This pick is especially tasty when the semester is suddenly feeling really long or when you would rather be catching a big wave than catching the CATA Bus to class. Coconut Chip is a favorite among the summer beach bums in State College, because it brings the flavor of summer even on the snowiest days.

6. Alumni Swirl

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Congratulations, you have graduated from warm Natty Light, sweaty apartment parties and 8am lectures. As a PSU graduate, you are proud of your time here in State College, but have grown up from sharing a room with 3 people and living on Ramen Noodles.

Because of your Penn State pride you still come back for Homecoming and maybe the White Out because Beaver Stadium is too good to give up completely. Alumi Swirl is the flavor for the adult that you secretly wish you weren't and the college kid you pretend you are. 

Berkey Creamery is home to tons of tasty flavors and many memories for Penn Staters. It is a must-see, must-taste attraction for every visit. There is a flavor out there for every Nittany Lion, so go with your gut, follow your sweet tooth and you'll find your way to your favorite scoop in no time.