The official tagline of Berkeley is "Come for the Culture, Stay for the Food." The NorCal city is exploding with incredible and unique-to-Berkeley food options, from upscale dining to food truck festivals and vegan burgers

Take full advantage when you visit and make sure you know the Berkeley slang so you don't miss a thing.

1. Papi Chulo Sauce

The green sauce from The Cheeseboard Collective is world famous (available too at the Cheeseboard-inspired Sliver). The Berkeley co-op serves a style of vegetarian pizza each day that pulls in lines wrapping around the block during lunch and dinner hours.

Any pie or slice you get comes with another little sliver of pizza and as much of their very own famed green Papi Chulo sauce as you can fit into a to-go cup container (also available for purchase by the half-pint).

Some people slather it on, some people dip each bite, and some even drink it straight. If you don't nab some, you're missing out.

2. Off the Grid

No, we're not all hippies that want to disappear from the government map (although it might be nice). Off the Grid is a collection of local food trucks that gathers together in a different location almost every night of the week somewhere in the Bay Area. 

It's not just foodie fun to check out all of the new and bougie trucks. Off the Grid is a lively community event that brings together everyone through food vendors on wheels. 

3. Homeroom

If someone is excitedly announcing that they're going to Homeroom, I can assure you, they're less likely overjoyed about studying and more exuberant to ingest mass amounts of cheese and carbs.

Emma Waldman

This Mac 'n' Cheese-focused joint located in Oakland is a nod to classic comfort food. Instead of tables, you'll find bleachers from a local high school as the place to eat your food. From their spicy crab to their gilroy garlic mac, all their cheesy bowls are capital-D Delicious. For those with dairy aversions, they not only have amazing veggie and biscuit sides, they also have a vegan mac that I have personally ranked as one of their best!

4. Thai Temple

Similar to the trend, many things in Berkeley are not what they seem. Though you may expect someone going to Temple on a Sunday morning to be engaging in meditation, they're more likely engaging in noodle slurping and curry devouring. 

Emma Waldman

Wat Mongkolratanaram is a Thai Buddhist temple that hosts a weekly brunch in its backyard that attracts locals and students. They exchange their dollars for tokens and brave long lines to experience mouthwatering Thai curries, taro balls, and noodle soups made by volunteers of the temple.

5. The Bowl

One of my personal favorite things about Berkeley is the fresh produce it boasts. Berkeley Bowl, with a bulk section to dream about, is the grocery store that has my heart.

Many people go to The Bowl for periodic shopping trips. Locals swear by the butcher, the huge selection of local beers and the kombucha on tap. I personally have taken myself wandering through just for my own comfort.

There are such passionate fans of "California's most iconic market" that one even made a cookbook based on their unique offerings.

Pro-tip for local penny saving college students: Berkeley Bowl East has a section of bagged items for 99¢ when something is bruised but salvageable. It's an absolute steal. 

Whether you choose to use this Berkeley food slang or keep your ear out for what the locals mention, I guarantee you'll get a taste of the Bay. But be warned, the one thing you should never say (if you wanna stay incognito as a true local) is "Cali" or "San Fran." You'll blend right in!