Needless to say, COVID-19 took a major toll on the United States. Deaths were once at an all-time high, and the vast majority of the places that we all know and love are either closing up or are still closed until who knows when. Whether these places will reopen is a mystery, but it should be more of a yes or no thing. With the help of BentoBox, restaurants can now be benefitted by the company's Restaurant Relief Pop-up Shop

The details

Photo Courtesy of BentoBox

The thing with BentoBox is that they've designed "tote bags and bandanas with taglines like “Keep Calm and Order Take Out” and “Use Your Noodle, Wash Your Hands,”, which are now available for purchase, with all sales proceeds going to Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants and the Independent Restaurant Coalition - two organizations that are actively working to provide relief to those in the hospitality industry." People don't seem to realize how many people are or were employed by the hospitality industry, so giving back to an industry that gives to us is so so important. 

BentoBox CEO Krystle Mobayeni has stated that "From selling staff-made art to virtual cooking lessons, the restaurants that work with us have been incredibly creative in developing ways to bring in revenue while under lockdown; They inspired us to take our own out-of-the-box approach to support the industry." Sometimes, you got to do what you need to do in order to keep the lights on, which means that sometimes, you need to be creative. It's not like the places in the hospitality industry choose to have to pay bills, and they're probably not cheap either. 

By supporting BentoBox's Restaurant Relief Pop-up Shop, you'll be giving back to the places that you know and love so that these times aren't so hard on them. Besides, you probably want to go back to those places sooner than later, so help them so that they can help you by reopening.