Arapahoe Basin aka "The Legend" is a ski area located off Loveland Pass in Colorado. It's awesome. Like really cool. I learned park there, I broke my leg there, lots of cool stuff. Besides skiing, A-Bae has some astounding views and some astounding food. Let's dive into what makes A-Bay A Bae. Also, that was a good play on words. Thank me later.

The A:

I like anything outdoors (especially skiing and rock climbing). Now look at the picture below and tell me that isn't cool. Yea, I know it is; that's why I like the outdoors. This is a picture taken by yours truly of the East Wall. This is the view you have to deal with every time you ride Lewenae Lift. Man, what a tough world. 

Benji Butler

If the picture up top wasn't enough for you, here is a picture of a sunset taken in the PARKING LOT? Yes. The parking lot. The views at A Bae are unreal. As you'll soon find out, the views aren't the only thing the Bae has to offer. 

Benji Butler

I hope you're prepared. It's about to get hot in here. Like really hot. 

The Bae:

Benji Butler

See that picture above? Yeah, I know you do. I told you it was getting hot in here. Like really hot. This is one of those 'oof' moments you hear about. That fine piece of consumable art is the 'Skier's Breakfast', available only at Arapahoe Basin, every day from 07:15 to 10:30 a.m. It's about $7.50, or for two bucks more you can add bacon, sausage, or both. For starters, the platter comes with a biscuit, scrambled eggs, and diced potatoes doused in a blend of yummy spices. Then on top, you have the options of sausage gravy, green chili, and cheese (I'm dairy free so I didn't put any on). The green chili adds an extra kick to the eggs, and the gravy makes the already soft biscuit even softer.

If you aren't hungry right now then you're wrong. Biscuits and gravy are my go-to breakfast delicacy. I want some so bad right now. No, I need them. Add eggs and some 'tatoes and you've got yourself a great start to a day of ripping!! So if you ever find yourself at the Legend, first let me know so we can ski, then go get the Skier's Breakfast :)