It's almost 4/20, and that means it's time to get high. Sadly, not all of us live in a state where that is socially (or legally) acceptable, so we have to look for some alternatives. Ben & Jerry's is coming out the perfect substitute: the Chillaco Taco

If you are not hungry right now, I don't get you. Combining the two best foods in the world (ice cream and tacos), Ben & Jerry's has created literal food porn. 

What Exactly is a Chillaco? 

Be prepared to for extreme hunger: The Chillaco is filled with 2 scoops of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (you get flavor choice, but I would recommend the new cereal flavored ice cream) on a double caramel waffle cone. If that isn't perfect already, each Chillaco is topped with warm fudge and cookie crumbs. 

In essence, the Chillaco is basically an ice cream cone in a different shape, but I am falling for their marketing scheme.

This is not the first time that Ben and Jerry's has released a Mexican dessert treat, but it's certainly their best offering. At first glance, the Chillaco looks like a renamed Brrr-ito, but this taco puts the burrito version to shame because of one word: caramel. The Chillaco has two layers of waffle cone sandwiched between caramel sauce to enhance the flavor experience from last year's Brrr-ito.

How Can I Get One (or 2, or 3...)? 

Because the Chillaco is a 4/20 creation, Ben & Jerry's is releasing this bad boy on April 20th. I recommend running to your closest Scoop Shop on Thursday to grab one. I'm not sure how long we'll have to enjoy these treats because Ben & Jerry's has not provided an exact timeline for how long these will be available, so get 'em while they last. 

I have never seen a better offering of munchies than the new Ben and Jerry's Chillaco taco ice cream in my life. Get hyped to #420freezeit.