On May 13th of each year is a boozy holiday that's known as World Cocktail Day. This year, Belvedere Vodka celebrated the holiday by introducing Quality Over Quantity, which is a U.S. initiative to inspire mindful consumption and celebrate the brand’s all-natural philosophy and quality stance. They did this over a mixology session on Instagram with the one and only Martha Stewart. If you're interested in learning more about the campaign, then see below.

The deets

Photo Courtesy of Belvedere

Belvedere Vodka's Quality Over Quantity initiative "is motivated by the values of the Belvedere brand, to be transparent and honest in making a lasting positive impact on the environment. Made from nature, Belvedere has introduced its newest range of quality, all-natural, superfood cocktails. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to brands that are authentic and passionate about nourishing the natural character of the earth and the people who live on it." This is especially true because "consumers are looking towards brands that are authentic and passionate about nourishing the natural character of the earth and the people who live on it. (With Belvedere's) newest range of superfood cocktails, (they inspire) our community to be mindful, favor all-natural, and choose quality." Now that's just something, isn't it?

Since this was all announced on Instagram with the help of Martha Stewart over a mixology session, here's what she had to say for herself. First, she stated that “If (she) had a beverage that (she) had to take to a desert island and be isolated, (she thinks) it would be vodka.” The thing is, with any quality vodka such as Belvedere, not only will it not taste like straight-up chemicals, but it'll go down smoothly, regardless of if it's a flavored vodka or not. Martha Stewart has also stated that “When you taste this in comparison with pretty much anything else that seems to be the popular vodkas of the day, you just can’t go back; you cannot leave Belvedere. I really, really find it smooth and soothing and very nice in the mouth. This is an amazing, amazing vodka.” In all honesty, I completely agree with Martha on this (not to sound like a discussion board post or anything). It's hard for me to give up Belvedere, despite being a loyal customer to CÎROC Mango since 2017.... not that I should be mentioning competitors here, but it's just the truth that I first drank CÎROC before I drank Belvedere.

The next time that you drink vodka, pick up a handle or two of Belvedere. Sure, it's not going to be as cheap as Burnett's is, but do you really want a gross hangover and to drink vodka that's next to intolerable just for the sake of college? I don't think so. Besides, a bottle of Belvedere might last you a little longer since it's of nicer quality, so you're not going to want to down the entire handle in a single night.... unless you have a crap ton of people coming over, then you do you. I like to think of Belvedere as the Don Julio of vodka because of how smooth it is. It's almost as if you barely notice it going down, but don't use this as an excuse to get too drunk tonight.