As UF students, the hordes of people lined up on the Plaza of the Americas for Krishna lunch every weekday is a familiar (and somewhat overwhelming) sight. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on a longstanding tradition AND a $5 all you can eat lunch.

As a Krishna veteran, here are a few tips as to how to get the most out of this dank menu. Here is what to eat at Krishna lunch if…

You Don’t Mind Your Food Touching: Mung Bean Monday

This meal is for those of you who want to embrace your inner artist and mix mediums. The yellow mung bean soup and creamy veggie-spinach blend are a grade-A combo for your taste buds and make for a colorful display on your plate (so you can put on your Snap story).

Pro tip: this tastes 100% better all mixed up. See the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.

You Still Don’t Eat Your Veggies: Eggplant Tuesday

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On Tuesdays we eat eggplant. This meal is a sneaky way to trick yourself into eating vegetables. Eggplant and kafta balls over rice is the perfect meal for those of you who have lived off mac and cheese every day for 18 years. It’s time to make friends with your veggies.

Carb Loading Is Your Way of Life: Spaghetti Wednesday

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If you’re willing to brave the long lines, spaghetti and red sauce is always a safe bet for Krishna. Once you see the heaping portion of pasta they put on everyone’s plate, you’ll understand why it’s the most popular day. Everybody needs to experience eating pasta while stretched out on the plaza with your #squad.

Hump day just got a whole lot better.

You Have A Taste For Adventure: Curry Thursday

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While curry may not be too exotic for some, this is definitely the most adventurous meal out of the menu. An assortment of veggies in curry sauce over even more veggies is a nice departure from the Subway-Chick-fil-A-Einstein cycle you have been on for five weeks. Test your boundaries and try something new before the weekend starts. You may be surprised.

You Are A Meat Lover Looking To Expand Your Horizons: Chili Friday

#Krishnalunch is killing it today. _____ #softfoodporn #whatveganseat #imnotavegan #butthistastesgood

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What better way to celebrate the end of the week than with a heaping portion of meatless chili? Yes, meatless chili. The combo of garbanzo, kidney beans and rice makes a complete protein without sacrificing the hearty texture of chili. Meat lovers, meet your new comfort food. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your brothers back at the frat house.