Whether you live on campus or in downtown Binghamton, calling in a medium Dominos pie for delivery every meal just isn’t an option. Wegmans, Weis, Walmart, and even C4, all provide ample opportunities to find healthy and easy options around every corner.

First off, you’re never too old for snack time, especially in college. As a busy college student you need your mind and body to stay fueled all day long. A healthy snack option for your apartment or dorm, or on-the-go is cheese and crackers.

Wegman’s, the mecca of supermarkets (actually the highest rated major supermarket chain in a USA Today poll) sells over 15 varieties of cheese and over 20 types of crackers. My personal favorite is Gouda with Wheat Thins, but give a few a try and find a winning combo for yourself.

Photo by Jason Cruz

Another healthy and quick snack you can purchase just about anywhere is hummus and veggies. Personally I think carrots and hummus make the perfect duo, but give celery, tomatoes, or broccoli a try too. Sabra Hummus, one of the most recognized brands in hummus today, comes in over 10 flavors, from Basil Pesto, to Lemon Twist, to Chipotle.

If you’re not quite ready for a meal but you’re stomach is growling after a long night in the library, try a twist to the classic PB & J to fill you up–a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with banana! Supermarkets offer a ton of bread choices (gluten-free, too) to make the perfect sandwich for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any meal in between.

Photo by Jason Cruz

If it’s mealtime, look to salads for a quick, healthy, and customized option. Start by picking a type of lettuce, kale, or spinach. While in the vegetable section of the market, look out for a balance of colorful foods and dark greens. Some options to add to the shopping cart are bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, avocado, and onions.

If you’re a real daredevil, try adding some fruit to your salad; strawberries, apples, and even mandarin oranges can add a unique and scrumptious twist. Don’t forget to add a little bit of dressing, but not too much!

Photo by Jason Cruz

While food shopping, always do your due diligence and compare prices of the same item made by different companies–the store brand is almost always just as good as the fancy company. Food shopping with friends can also be great as you can share ideas of snacks and meals you each love.

Check out these for even more options!