Does a lager make you gag? Do you think IPAs taste like dirty water? ME TOO. I try to avoid beer at all costs, especially those nasty cans of Natty Light, which seem to be a staple at all college parties... bleh. I mean c'mon people, let's splurge and serve some rosé or champagne. Now, that's the good stuff. 

When all else fails and you have to settle for a beer, pick wisely and stay away from hops, trust me. I've found 5 kinds of beer that even a beer-hater, like myself, may enjoy. Check em' out!  

1. A Radler or Shandy 

Shandies and Radlers are two of my faves. While the base of these drinks may be beer, they really taste like a fruity cocktail. More juice than beer makes this drink sweet n' refreshing. Perfect for summer (or any season), amirite?!

A shandy is made by mixing beer (typically a blond lager) with lemonade. Radlers are essentially the same, but can include other juice/flavor combinations, like peach, watermelon, raspberry, or even grapefruit juice with ginger beer. Count me in! 

2. Lambic 

Shoutout to Belgium, which is where this tasty brew originated. Lambics fall into the category of sour beers. After the beer is fermented, it has a very tart taste. To cut the bitter bite that this beer may have, it's often mixed with younger beer, fruit, or sugar. Some flavors include raspberry, apricot, or grape. These blends give the beer a sweeter flavor and a lightness that many beers lack. Oh, and lambics are also slightly carbonated, making them all the more fun!

3. Sour Beers 

Sour beers encompass a wide variety of beer. Yes, the lambic mentioned above falls into this category, but there are tons of other sours out there that are definite must-tries. If you like light, acidic white wines or candies that make you pucker, these are the beers for you. Sours are very acidic and have a tangy kick. So, next time you're at the store, move away from boring, bitter, and basic IPAs. Instead, try a sour beer, like a Goose or Berliner Weisse

4. Wheat Beers

Perfect for a warm summer night. Wheat beers, which are made with significantly more wheat than barley, tend to be lighter and smoother in flavor and taste. Wheat itself contributes very little flavor to the beer, making it easy to mix in fruity flavors or spices. The raspberry wheat combo is a popular option. It's also common to add a slice of lemon or orange to the side of a wheat beer. Mmhm. Oh, and wheat has a lot more protein than barley (so some may even say this beer is good for you, HAHA!). 

5. Hard Ciders

So, maybe it's not exactly a beer, but close enough. Cider has been around for ages (it was the drink of the pilgrims) and is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. It's sharp, tart, and fruity, not dense and dark like a lot of beers. I love that there is such a wide variety of flavors. Angry Orchard's hard apple cider is a classic, but don't be afraid to branch out and try peach and pear ciders, too. Yum!!

If All Else Fails...

champagne, wine, toast
Lucy Carlisle

If even these options rub your tastebuds the wrong way, it's time to pop open the champagne. You can never go wrong with a lil' bubbly. Cheers!